A0069 – Riddle Engineering Boynton Beach Inlet Photoalbums

A0069 – Riddle Engineering Boynton Beach Inlet Photoalbums


Title: Riddle Engineering Boynton Beach Inlet Collection
 Date span: 1925-1935    
 Physical description: 1.5 linear ft. (3 boxes)
 Creator(s): Possibly Ray Dame (1896-1972) of the Riddle Engineering Company
 Language note: English



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Additional Physical Form Available: Some of the photographs have been scanned.

Acquisition Information: Gift of Linda Jackson (2017.011)

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Boynton Inlet under construction 1925.
Boynton Inlet under construction, 1925

Historical Note: The Boynton Inlet was started in 1925 and finished in 1926. The bridge opened to public traffic on 2 Sept 1926. In 1927, the road south of the bridge was damaged from beach erosion and needed repair. Riddle Engineering operated in West Palm Beach before WWII. Both photographer Ray Dame and Riddle Engineering worked for Addison Mizner. Riddle Engineering was also engaged by the City of Boynton, at the direction of the mayor, C. F. Knuth, to tear up Ocean Boulevard south of Ocean Avenue during the night of about 4 Jan 1925, to give houses in Addison Mizner's planned development ocean access. The County challenged the City’s claim to ownership.

Scope and Content Note: Two scrapbooks of photographs chiefly of Riddle Engineering Company projects in the Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County area. Many, and maybe all, were taken by photographer Ray B. Dame (1897-1972). Subjects include the construction of the bridge over the southern Lake Worth inlet (1925), now called the Boynton Inlet; the dredging of the inlet after the 1926 hurricane (1926); the repair of Ocean Boulevard (1927); and another repair to the bridge in 1929. Also a few images of other bridges, buildings, and projects, including the Palm City Bridge and the First Church of Christ Science in West Palm Beach, aerial views of inlets, and the Mizner Mile section of Boynton’s Ocean Boulevard.

Images available for viewing online at FIU's Digital Collections search "A0069" and on the Archives' Flicker account.

Boynton Inlet (Boynton Beach, Fla.)
Bridges--Design and construction

Arrangement Note: Arranged in original order. 
Processing Information: Collection processed in May 2019 / gc
Date of Finding Aid: May 2019 / gc



Box 1
A0069-1-cover: Originally positioned inside front cover of SB1. Map of Lake Worth / The Riddle Engineering Co. WPB
A0069-1-001: Construction “South Lake Worth Inlet Feb. 1925”
A0069-1-002: Aerial view “South Lake Worth Inlet July 1925”
A0069-1-003: Construction. “Showing shovel on approach to North Jetty L.W. Inlet 9-15-1925”
A0069-1-004: Construction blocks.
A0069-1-005a: Construction. “South Lake Worth Inlet”
A0069-1-005b: Construction. “South Lake Worth Inlet”
A0069-1-005c: “South Lake Worth Inlet – September 2, 1926. After Hurricane of July 25, 1926” MISSING 5/15/2019
A0069-1-006: Canal with small bridge. “Boynton Canal – East Dixie 2/12/25”
A0069-1-007a-c: Construction.
A0069-1-008: Crane on jetty. “N. Jetty S.L.W. Inlet from north 9-9-25”
A0069-1-009: Construction on beach. “Plant from beach Lake Worth Inlet showing blocks on left and jetty on right 9/15/25” [Folded] 
A0069-1-010: Construction. “North abutment looking south Lake Worth Inlet 9-15-25”
A0069-1-011: Construction. “Looking east along jetty – Lake Worth Inlet 9/15/25”
A0069-1-012: Completed bridge. “South Lake Worth Inlet-Completed Bridge. September 2, 1926”
A0069-1-013: Jetty. “North jetty Lake Worth 9-15-25”
A0069-1-014: Crane on jetty. “N. jetty S.L.W. Inlet from south 9-9-25”
A0069-1-015: Construction framework. “Cofferdam S. Lake Worth Inslet”
A0069-1-016: Construction. “North Jetty South Lake Worth Inlet Sept 25, 1925”
A0069-1-017: Article from Palm Beach News 1926-07-06
A0069-1-018: Men on jetty. “North jetty South Lake Worth Inlet. March 26, 1926. A. Bentley & Son contractors”
A0069-1-019: Crane on jetty.
A0069-1-020: Two men on jetty.
A0069-1-021: Construction. “Plant Lake Worth Inlet jetty – Digging south abutment 9-15-25”
A0069-1-022: Construction. “Showing jetty blocks – Lake Worth Inlet 9-15-25”
A0069-1-023: Construction. “Looking south from north jetty – Lake Worth Inlet 9/15/25”
A0069-1-024: Large blocks off south jetty.
A0069-1-025: same as #18
A0069-1-026a: Construction.
A0069-1-026b: Construction.
A0069-1-027: Construction workers on bridge.
A0069-1-028: Crane and man on jetty.
A0069-1-029: Group portrait, labeled.
A0069-1-030a: Group portrait
A0069-1-030b: Group portrait
A0069-1-030c: Construction. “July 9, 1926”
A0069-1-030d: Completed bridge. “March 28, 1927”
A0069-1-031: Off end of jetty “Looking east from end of jetty – Lake Worth Inlet 9-15-25”
A0069-1-032: Wrecked crane. “9-18-26”
A0069-1-033a: Completed bridge “May 1927”
A0069-1-033b: Completed bridge “March 1927”
A0069-1-033c: Completed bridge. “May 1927”
A0069-1-034: Construction. “April 1927”
A0069-1-035: Jetty.
A0069-1-036: Aerial view of inlet. “Mar 1935” Stamped: Ray B. Dame, 319 So. Dixie, WPB
A0069-1-037: Aerial view of inlet. “Mar 1935” Stamped: Ray B. Dame, 319 So. Dixie, WPB
A0069-1-038: Aerial view of inlet. 
A0069-1-039: Aerial view of bridge. “1934” Photographer name on front: Ray Dame WPB
A0069-1-040: Aerial view of beach with thin jetties. Possibly Gus Bath area
A0069-1-041a: Construction.
A0069-1-041b: Construction.
A0069-1-041c: Construction.
A0069-1-042: Intersection of several dirt roads. “Intersection of Ocean Ave and Ocean Blvd 2/1/25”
A0069-1-043: Tree lined dirt road. “The Mizner Mile Boynton Fla”
A0069-1-044: Architectural drawing. “Portion of Cross State Highway Bridge WPB”
A0069-1-045: Construction.
A0069-1-046: Unidentified building on beach.
A0069-1-047: Palm City Bridge.
A0069-1-048: Construction or wreckage on beach.
A0069-2-001: South Lake Worth Inlet Bridge, from top of south jetty. “9-2-26 after hurricane 7-26-26” 
A0069-2-002: Jetties and wreckage or construction. “4-27-26” 
A0069-2-003a: Construction
A0069-2-003b: Construction. “Searles, S of So L.W. Inlet. Built by Verition Constr. Co. – probably designed by them. Mar 1929”
A0069-2-004: Completed bridge. “4-23-27” 
A0069-2-005a-d: Construction on road south of jetties.
A0069-2-006: Poles along road south of jetties. “6/27/35” Stamped: Ray B. Dame, 319 So. Dixie, WPB
A0069-2-007: Construction on bridge. 
A0069-2-008a: Construction on road. “9-7-29”
A0069-2-008b: Construction on road. “Steel in place”
A0069-2-008c: Construction on road. “9-7-29”
A0069-2-009: Dredging inlet under bridge. A0069-2-010a: Construction on road.
A0069-2-010b: Construction on road.
A0069-2-010c: Construction on road.
A0069-2-010d: Construction on road. “Filling forms”
A0069-2-011: Beach erosion. Stamped: Ray B. Dame
A0069-2-012: Beach erosion, two men on road. Stamped: Ray B. Dame
A0069-2-013a: Concrete forms along wall. “Concrete poured for gunite, but, gunite mesh not in place”
A0069-2-013b: Wall. “Gunite before finish coat”
A0069-2-013c: Three men spraying wall.
A0069-2-014: Damage to road south of LW Inlet bridge. “Nov 14, 1927” Stamped: Ray B. Dame, 319 So. Dixie, WPB
A0069-2-015a: Wall under construction. 
A0069-2-015b: Wall under construction. “Mesh in place for gunite, opening for gate”
A0069-2-015a: Wall under construction. “Nov 16, 29”
A0069-2-016: Two men walking near damage to road south of LW Inlet bridge. “Nov 14, 1927” Stamped: Ray B. Dame, 319 So. Dixie, WPB
A0069-2-017a: Wall under construction.  “Nov 23, 29”
A0069-2-017b: Wall under construction. “Building forms”
A0069-2-017c: Wall under construction. 
A0069-2-018: Sand over jetty. “Lake Worth Inlet Boynton Fla North Jetty during storm Sept 16, 1928. Stamped: Ray B. Dame
A0069-2-019: Architectural drawing of cross section of south jetty.
A0069-2-020: Jetty in surf
A0069-2-021: Architectural drawing of plans and elevations of south jetty.
A0069-2-022a: Beach wall. “Nov 14, 29. Town well, N. Ocean Blvd. at failure”
A0069-2-022b: Wall. “Nov 14, 29. Wanawake Wall.
A0069-2-023: Architectural drawing of cross section of south jetty.
A0069-2-024a: Repairing wall. “Nov 14, 29. Town wall at cave in”
A0069-2-024b: Repairing wall. “Nov 14, 29. Town wall s. of [?] on S.O.B.”
A0069-2-025: Part of bridge. “Baker Haulover Inlet. North of Miami Beach Florida. Taken Sunday Nov 21-1926. By A.A.Atwater. [Folded]
A0069-2-026: Beach erosion. Stamped: Ray B. Dame.
A0069-2-027: Concrete wall with beachgoers in bathing suits under umbrellas. Stamped: Ray B. Dame, 319 So. Dixie, WPB
A0069-2-028: Gate in wall. Stamped: Ray B. Dame, 319 So. Dixie, WPB
A0069-2-029: Beach near estate. “N. of Stotesbury’s after hurricane 16th Sept 1928” Stamped: Ray B. Dame, 319 So. Dixie, WPB [Stotesbury estate at 348 North Ocean Boulevard near Delray Beach]
A0069-2-031: Unknown bridge similar in design to South Lake Worth Inlet bridge. Stamped: Ray B. Dame, 319 So. Dixie, WPB
A0069-2-032: Architectural drawing “Seawall step type toe on rock ledge.
A0069-2-033: Beach erosion, with drawing of step type seawall superimposed.
A0069-2-034a: Broken seawall.
A0069-2-034b: Broken seawall.
A0069-2-035: Beach with small jetties.
A0069-2-036: Beach with small jetties. “May 1927” on back: “9. Stock yards shore protection, Gus Bath, Palm Beach, May 1927”
A0069-2-037: Closeup of small jetties. On back: “11. Looking south from Gus Bath”
A0069-2-037: Closeup of small jetties, buildings in background. On back: “Typical Groynes”
A0069-2-039a: View of beach with small jetties.
A0069-2-039b: View of beach with small jetties.
A0069-2-039c: View of beach with small jetties.
A0069-2-039d: View of beach with small jetties.
A0069-2-040a: View of beach with small jetties.
A0069-2-040b: View of beach with small jetties.
A0069-2-040c: View of beach with small jetties.
A0069-2-040d: View of beach with small jetties.
A0069-2-041: The First Church of Christ Science, WPB. Stamped: Ray B. Dame.
A0069-2-042: Aerial view of the eastern part of WPB, including the First Church of Christ Science, WPB. Stamped: Ray B. Dame.

Box 2 and 3: Original scrapbook binders