A0059 – Boynton Beach Historical Society Collection

A0059 – Boynton Beach Historical Society Collection


Creator: Boynton Beach Historical Society
 Title: Boynton Beach Historical Society Collection
 Date span: 1967 - current
 Physical description: 11.26 linear feet (26 boxes) 
 Language note: Materials entirely in English 


Restriction on Access: The collection is available for supervised use by appointment during normal Boynton Beach City Library hours. Users are required to comply with the library’s regulations governing use.

Terms Governing Use and Reproduction: Materials in the collections are to be used for private study, scholarship, or research in accord with the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). The Boynton Beach City Library adheres to all conditions specified in the law when providing reproductions of copyrighted material. Any use of a reproduction in excess of “fair use," may result in the user’s liability for copyright infringement.

Acquisition Information: The Boynton Beach Historical Society donated this collection to the Boynton Beach City Library on December 19, 2016 (see accession 2016.022 for more information). Additional donations continue to be made. 2022.037 was from a display of historical information created by Betty Thomas for the Oyer Insurance agency office.

Custodial History: The Boynton Beach Historical Society collected these records as a part of doing business. Various board members and members at large added to the collection over the years. For at least 8 years, the Boynton Beach City Library (BBCL) stored the Boynton Beach Historical Society records in their archives. Due to a lack of storage space, BBCL asked the Boynton Beach Historical Society to move their records to another facility in July of 2016. After reviewing the records and deeming them inactive, the Boynton Beach Historical Society offered to donate them to BBCL in December 2016. Other materials from other donors have also been added to this collection (2015.014, 2018.027, 2019.007, 2021.033, 2022.002)

Preferred Citation: From the collections of the Boynton Beach City Library Local History Archives, Boynton Beach Historical Society Collection (A0059), box and folder numbers or item numbers.



Historical Note: 
In 1968, approximately 195 charter members founded the Boynton Beach Historical Society (BBHS). The society’s mission was to act as a “living repository for Boynton Beach’s traditions and history.” Later, their mission expanded to include neighboring Ocean Ridge, Manalapan, Gulf Stream, Briny Breezes, Lantana, and Hypoluxo. In their founding year, they dedicated a Florida Room within the newly constructed addition to the Boynton Beach City Library. This served as an archive for both the city’s history and the organization. Due to a lack of physical location, meetings were held in several locations, including the Boynton Beach Women’s Club and the Boynton Beach City Library. In 1994, the Boynton Beach Historical Society succeeded in adding the 1913 Boynton Beach Elementary School to the National Registry of Historic Places, and spearheading efforts to restore the building for use as the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and Learning Center.  In addition to their regular meetings, they host a series of educational program meetings and events, including talks given by historians and guided “history strolls.” 

Scope and Content Note:  
Collection includes administrative records, including meeting minutes, financial documents, correspondence, membership lists, event information, and publications; awards; historical research; and ephemera and artifacts, including a sign from the FEC railway, a wood piece from the Casino bathhouse, brackets from an unknown house, and a signal flag.


History--Societies, etc.--Archives
History--Societies, etc.--Photographs
Boynton Beach Historical Society (Boynton Beach, Fla.)

Arrangement Description: 

The collection consists of 10 series:

  1. Governance of the Boynton Beach Historical Society.
    1. Sub-series 1 includes the various by-laws drafted, edited, and confirmed by society members.
    2. Sub-series 2 consists of the society’s incorporation documents, including the original certificate of incorporation, signed by Florida Secretary of State, Tom Adams.
    3. Sub-series 3 holds information regarding how the society should be, and then was, organized.
    4. Sub-series 4 is comprised of documents regarding the society’s tax exemption status.
    5. Sub-series 5 includes information about the Florida Room and Archival collections
  2. Board of Directors & Committees records consisting largely of committee lists, announcements, and minutes.
    1. Sub-series 1 is the lists of officers, directors, and committee members
    2. Sub-series 2 consists of records from the nominating committee, including lists of potential officers.
    3. Sub-series 3 includes memoranda and announcements, such as schedule changes
    4. Sub-series 4 consists of meeting minutes and agendas.
    5. Sub-series 5 is programs committee
  3. Financial records and documents.
    1. Sub-series 1 contains bank documents, such as monthly statements, balance sheets, and deposit receipts.
    2. Sub-series 2 consists of fundraising opportunities either applied for or researched by the historical society. It is unclear if these grants were received or denied.
    3. Sub-series 3 includes receipts for stationary, flyers, refreshments, and other expenses.
    4. Sub-series 4 is treasurer’s reports, often presented at various Board of Directors meetings.
  4. Membership information for the Boynton Beach Historical Society.
    1. Sub-series 1 holds lists of members, including their names, addresses, and other contact information.
    2. Sub-series 2 membership flyers and forms
    3. Sub-series 3 consists of information regarding charter members. The first folder contains membership dues forms. The second folder contains specific contact information for the society’s charter members.
    4. Sub-series 4 is comprised of index card files. The sub-series is housed in two small boxes (labeled as boxes rather than folders). It is organized alphabetically, as it was originally, but can be organized chronologically using the last date on each card.
  5. Correspondence.
    1. Sub-series 1 contains letters addressed to the historical society.
    2. Sub-series 2 consists of letters from BBHS, including informative notices to members.
    3. Sub-series 3 is internal memoranda amongst officers, members, and city officials
  6. Programs & events
    1. Sub-series 1 is the meeting advertisements
    2. Sub-series 2 contains the event announcements and flyers
    3. Sub-series 3 is the program notices
    4. Sub-series 4 regular Historical Society membership meetings
    5. Sub-series 5 is audio recordings from guest speaker presentations, both on compact disc and cassette tape. This series also holds four DVD recordings of meetings and presentations. Cassettes 1 through 4 are on the left side, while Cassettes 5 through 10 are on the right.
  7. Awards and proclamations collected by the Boynton Beach Historical Society (BBHS)
    1. Sub-series 1 contains proclamations and awards given to the Boynton Beach Historical Society.
    2. Sub-series 2 is awards presented by BBHS
    3. Sub-series 3 consists of information regarding an essay contest sponsored by BBHS in 1998.
  8. Artifacts
  9. Publications
    1. Sub-series 1: Newsletter
    2. Sub-series 2: Pamphlets
  10. Historical research and information
    1. Sub-series 1 Historic preservation efforts
    2. Sub-series 2 Reference files
    3. Sub-series 3 Photographs taken by the Boynton Beach Historical Society. Subjects include society meetings and other city events.
    4. Sub-series 4 Newsclippings
    5. Sub-series 5 Scrapbooks created by the historical society. The pages include news clippings, photographs, and other mementoes. The scrapbooks are generally undated with two loose photographs dated 1998 and 1999, respectively.

Processing Information: Collection processed March-November 2017 by Kayleigh Howald and Susan Swiatosz; revised April 2022 by GC


Series 1: Governance
Box 1: Governance

  • By-laws and updates
  • Incorporation Documents
  • Organization of BBHS
  • Tax Exemption Status
  • Florida Room/Archives

Series 2: Board of Directors & Committees
Box 2: Board of Directors. Organized chronologically.

  • Officers, Directors, and Committee Lists
  • Nominating Committee Records
  • Memoranda and Announcements
  • Programs Committee

Box 3: Board of Directors records. Organized chronologically.

  • Meeting Minutes and Agendas, incomplete.

Series 3: Financial records
Box 4: Financial records. Organized chronologically.

  • Bank Documents
  • Fundraising

Box 5: Financial records. Organized chronologically.

  • Receipts
  • Treasurer Reports

Series 4: Membership
Box 6: Membership Lists. Organized chronologically.
Box 7: Charter Members, 1967-1968

  • Lists
  • Index File boxes: Box 1: A-Mc, Box 2: O-Z

Series 5: Correspondence
Box 8: Correspondence. Organized chronologically.

  • To BBHS
  • From BBHS
  • Internal Memoranda

Series 6: Programs & events
Box 9: Meeting Advertisements

Box 10: Announcements
Event Announcements
Program Notices
Promotional Information

Box 11: Monthly Member Meeting Minutes

Box 12:  Audio-Visual

  • Cassette 1: Mrs. Harvey Oyer Sr., undated
  • Cassette 2: Mrs. Harvey Oyer Sr., undated
  • Cassette 3: Mrs. Oyer, Harvey Oyer History of Methodist Church, March 16, 1983
  • Cassette 4: Nat Reed Presentation Everglades/Water, February 19, 1981
  • Cassette 5: Carrie Parker and Mayor Jerry Taylor, January 8, 1996
  • Cassette 6: Michael Daniel, Guest Speaker, February 12, 1996
  • Cassette 7: James Wright, Guest Speaker, March 11, 1996
  • Cassette 8: John Reis, April 8, 1996
  • Cassette 9: Harvey Oyer Slide – History of Boynton, October 1999
  • Cassette 10: Partin, March 11, 2002
  • CD 1: BBHS Presentation by Mrs. Harvey Oyer, Sr., undated
  • DVD 1:“History of Boynton Beach” narrated by Lowell Thomas, 1976
  • DVD 2:“Barefoot Mailman” presented by Mike Bornstein, October 2009
  • DVD 3:“Barefoot Mailman” presented by Mike Bornstein, October 2009
  • DVD 4: BBHS Meeting, April 2011

Series 7: Awards and proclaimations
 Box 13: 
Awards to BBHS

  • Award 1: Ribbon, undated
  • Award 2: Trophy, 1972
  • Award 3: Trophy, 1973
  • Award 4: Trophy, 1974
  • Award 5: Plaque, March 19, 1977

Box 14: Awards from BBHS

  • Essay Contest, 1998 (sponsored by BBHS)

Series 8: Artifacts
 Box 15:

  • Artifact 1: Wood piece from bathhouse, beach casino 1984

Box 16: Artifacts

  • Artifact 1: Sign from FEC railroad depot, demolished 1965
  • Artifact 2: Brackets/corbels (2) from historic house (not labeled)
  • Artifact 3: Signal flag, 1987
  • Artifact 4: Pin, undated
  • Artifact 5: Schoolhouse museum dedication

Series 9: Publications
 Box 17-18:
BBHS Publications: Newsletters.
Box 19: BBHS Publications: Pamphlets and brochures

Series 10: Historical research and information
 Box 20: 
Historical Research: Historic Preservation efforts
Schoolhouse Museum
High School
Gifts by donors

Box 21: 

Historical Reference

  • Folder 1: Boynton Beach history
  • Folder 2: Boynton statistics, 1963
  • Folder 3: Boynton Beach history 1974 article
  • Folder 4: Boynton Beach history DeVries article, 2012
  • Folder 5: Florida history
  • Folder 6: Foundations of Faith / Norfus
  • Folder 7: Article, “Gold Coast Trails”
  • Folder 8: Article “Lee Manor Inn” / Baskin
  • Folder 9: Fred Benson recollection
  • Folder 10: Article, 1910, “Prosperous Town of Boynton”
  • Folder 11: Article, “History of Municipal Beach” / Goodkin
  • Folders 12-13: Pioneer families
  • Folder 14: Woman’s club

Individual reference

  • Folder 15: Nathan Boynton’s family / Nichols
  • Folder 16: James family, including “My Genealogy” as dictated by Dorothy Louise James Turner (1917-2011)
  • Folder 17: Knuth Dairy invoice 1933
  • Folder 18: Summary of interview with Woodrow Wilson Easton, 2009
  • Folder 19: Harvey Oyer Jr.
  • Folder 20: Lillie E. Pierce
  • Folder 21: Hilda Girtman Pitts, 90th birthday celebration
  • Folder 22: Evelyn Raulerson letter, 1952
  • Folder 23: Lucille & Otley Scott (includes photographs)
  • Folder 24: Betty Thomas
  • Folder 25: Stephen Heard Voss
  • Folder 26: Ray Wilcox
  • Folder 27: Obituaries & funeral programs
  • Folder 28: Transcription of letter from Bessie Muggleton to “folks up north” detailing her experiences in the 1928 hurricane in Boynton (2022.037) Location of original letter unknown. Click here to read.

Box 22:  Card file of Palm Beach County Clubs and Organizations, 1997

Box 23: Newsclippings

Box 24: Photographs

  • Folder 1: Examiner, “Annual Historical,” Undated
  • Folder 2: Unknown meeting [Polaroid], Undated
  • Folder 3: Unknown meeting, Undated
  • Folder 4: Unknown meeting, Undated
  • Folder 5: Unknown meeting, Undated
  • Folder 6: Meeting and Officers of Historical Society, October 1967-November 1967
  • Folder 7: Old Austin Supply Barn, November 1983
  • Folder 8: Historical Society Picnic, 29 April 1990
  • Folder 9: Sandpiper Motel Burn, March 1997
  • Folder 10: 1913 Schoolhouse museum (2022.037)
  • Folder 11: Ava Weaver 100th Birthday party, 1993-03-15 (2022.037)
  • Folder 12: Kid’s Kingdom construction 1996 (2022.037)
  • Folder 13: Mangrove Nature Park opening 1997 (2022.037)
  • Folder 14: New High School Groundbreaking 1999 (2022.037)
  • Folder 15: Senior Citizen Center opening 1999-10-05 (2022.037)

Box 25: Scrapbooks. Dismembered and reconstructed scrapbook, c. 1973-1974.

Box 26: Scrapbooks. Chiefly clippings, 1968

Oversized flat cabinet: Posters of the Florida Highwaymen Art Show, 2019, 2020, 2022.