A0004 - Boynton Woman's Club Collection

A0004 – Boynton Woman’s Club Collection


Title: Boynton Woman’s Club Collection
 Date span: 1911-2018 (bulk 1984-2000)
 Physical description: 25 linear ft. (59 boxes)
 Creator(s): Boynton Beach Woman’s Club
 Language note: English



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Additional physical form available: Some material available digitally, including scrapbooks, and ephemera.

Related Material (location of originals, copies, publications):  See also the Junior Women’s Club collection.

Acquisition information: Main body of records directly from the BWC (2011.001, 2013.005, 2019.003, 2019.004, 2020.005). Additional donations include yearbooks, gift of Joan White (2013.005) and ephemera, gift of Norman Cook (2015.014)

Custodial information: Ephemera donated by Norman Cook (2015.014) donated to the Boynton Cultural Centre (4/18/2001) transferred 8/17/2015.

Preferred Citation: Collection title including series, box, and folder numbers, Boynton Beach City Library



Historical Note: 
The Boynton Woman’s Club was established on 9 October 1909. In 1911, the Club was incorporated and joined the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs. The group’s primary missions were charitable and educational efforts. The Boynton Woman’s Club has provides college scholarships to Boynton Beach students and also assistance to other charities, including the Community Caring Center, Bethesda Memorial Hospital, Forgotten Soldiers, the Hacienda Ranch for Girls, the Healy Rehabilitation Center, the Heifer Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, the Caridad Center, Volunteers for Family Caregivers, Operation Smile, and the Cancer Foundation.   

The first Boynton Woman’s Club building was located on the south side of Ocean Avenue, next to the Florida East Coast railway tracks. It was reportedly constructed in part from lumber salvaged from the shipwreck of The Coquimbo.  The initial loan for this building was made from Charles T. Harper, whose wife, Cora Stickney Harper, was a founding member and first president. After being completed in 1912, the first floor was rented to a merchant, and the back half of the second floor was rented to a family. The front part of the second floor hosted Club meetings, rallies, dances, receptions, a free lending library, assorted civic events, and special luncheons and dinners.  In 1924, this building was sold for $10,000 and a new building was commissioned.

In 1925, a new building was constructed at 1010 S Federal Highway, designed by Addison Mizner. The family of Major Nathan Smith Boynton donated $35,000 toward the construction as a memorial to Boynton. The cornerstone of the building was not dedicated until 16 April 1932. The Boynton Woman’s Club building has been used for meetings and events, either through rental or free use. The building was used as a shelter during the 1926 hurricane.  During World War II, the Red Cross used the building as a  USO center. The building and grounds were altered in the 1950s (the northwest tower and most of the driveway removed) to accommodate the widening of Federal Highway. Significant features in the building include a mural (“The History of Boynton Beach”) by artist Bernard P. Thomas (1914-1994), who held art classes in the building. In 1979, the building was registered on the National Register of Historic Buildings (reference number 79000686). 

By the 1970s, fund-raising for maintenance and repair of the historic building became part of the mission statement of the Boynton Woman’s Club. Sources for funding for maintenance and repair include the Mizner Foundation (1986) and the Rotary Club. As the cost and effort required increased, in 2017, the Boynton Women’s Club sold the building to the Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, which then transferred ownership to the City of Boynton Beach in March 2021.. The Club continues to use the property for meetings and events.

Scope and Content Note: 
Records of the Boynton Woman’s Club, including some correspondence, event and fundraising planning and materials, meeting minutes, bylaws, program materials, photographs and scrapbooks, and renovation and maintenance details for the building on Federal Highway. The collection lacks primary source documents from its first decades.

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Boynton Beach Woman’s Club--Archives
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archival materials 
fonds (collections)

Arrangement Note: Arranged by record type and chronologically within each series/sub-series.

Series List:

  • Series 1: Audio/Video    
  • Series 2: Awards, Proclamations, Resolutions        
  • Series 3: By-Laws/Organization/Governance        
  • Series 4: Correspondence        
  • Series 5: Diamond Jubilee        
  • Series 6: District 10        
  • Series 7: Events       
    • Subseries 1: Fashion Show        
    • Subseries 2: Fundraising        
    • Subseries 3:   Homes for the Holidays        
    • Subseries 4: Installation Luncheon        
    • Subseries 5:   Misc. (one-time events)        
    • Subseries 6:   Past Presidents Christmas Tea        
    • Subseries 7:   Quilt Gathering        
    • Subseries 8:  Tea at the Ritz        
    • Subseries 9:  Western Jamboree        
  • Series 8-Facilities/Buildings  
    • Subseries 1: (original) Construction
    • Subseries 2-Lease        
    • Subseries 3-Maintenance        
    • Subseries 4-Renovation        
    • Subseries 5-Rental
    • Subseries 6-Property records
  • Series 9-FFWC (Florida Federation of Women's Clubs)    
  • Series 10- Financial Records        
  • Series 11-GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs)        
  • Series 12-Guest Books        
  • Series 13-Historic Preservation Foundation        
  • Series 14-Institutional History
  • Series 15-Library        
  • Series 16-Membership        
  • Series 17-Memorabilia        
  • Series 18-Monthly Meeting Minutes         
  • Series 19-News Clippings        
  • Series 20-Photographs        
  • Series 21-President's Handbooks        
  • Series 22-Programs        
    • Subseries 1-Exhibitions        
    • Subseries 2-Hacienda Ranch        
    • Subseries 3-Mentoring        
    • Subseries 4-Misc. Programs        
    • Subseries 5-Scholarships        
    • Subseries 6-Toy Clinic        
    • Subseries 7-Volunteering        
  • Series 23-Publications        
    • Subseries 1-Cookbooks        
    • Subseries 2-Misc.        
    • Subseries 3-Newsletters        
    • Subseries 4-Yearbooks        
  • Series 24-Scrapbooks        
  • Series 25-Unaffliated Memorabilia        
    • Subseries 1-Music        
    • Subseries 2-Programs        
    • Subseries 3-Publications        

Processing Information: Collection processed 2017 / sms
Date of finding aid: March 2019 / gc


Box1: Series 2-Awards, Proclamations, Resolutions, 1915, 1941-1943, 1955-1956, 1964-1967, 1970-1972, 1977, 1987, 1992-1994

Box 2: Series 3-By-Laws/Organization/Governance, 1911, 1983-1986, 1988

Box 3: Series 4-Correspondence, 1943, 1957-1969, 1982, 1987, 1990-1995, 2001

Box 4 (flat, out of order): Series 5-Diamond Jubilee, 1984

Box 5: Series 6-District 10. Annual meetings, Arts Festival, 1967-1977, 1982, 1987, 1990-1993, 1978

Box 6: Series 7-Events, Subseries 1-Fashion Show, 1960-2002

Box 7: Series 7-Events.
    Subseries 2-Fundraising, 1984-1996
    Subseries 3-Homes for the Holidays, 1997
    Subseries 4-Installation Luncheon, 1982-2000
    Subseries 5-Misc. (one-time events), 1961-2013
    Subseries 6-Past Presidents Christmas Tea, 1990

Box 8: Subseries 7-Quilt Gatherings, 1984-1998.
    Subseries 8-Tea at the Ritz, 1996-1997
    Subseries 9-Western Jamboree, 1994    

Box 9: Series 8-Facility        
    Subseries 2-Lease, 2001-2002.
    Subseries 3-Maintenance, 1980-1998

Box 10: Series 8-Facility
    Subseries 4-Renovation, 1983-1988

Box 11: Series 8-Facility
    Subseries 4-Renovation, payment requests, 1988-1989

Box 12: Series 8-Facility
    Subseries 4-Renovation, payment requests, 1985-1997

Box 13: Series 8-Facility
Subseries 4-Renovation, grant FL Slate grant-in-aid, agreement with city, agreement with Palm Beach County, 1988-1996, drawings 1990-1991

Box 14: Series 8-Facility. Subseries 5-Rentals, 1942-1993.

Box 15 Series 9-FFWC (Florida Federation of Women's Clubs).
    Correspondence, membership lists, programs, reports 1940s-1960s

Box 16: Series 9-FFWC (Florida Federation of Women's Clubs).
    Correspondence, membership lists, programs, reports 1970s-2000s

Box 17: Series 10- Financial Records, 1930-1969

Box 18: Series 10- Financial Records, 1970-1996

Box 19: Series 11-GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs), 
    1940, 1957-1958, 1961, 1963, 1966, 1983-1984, 1992-1993, 1999.

Box 20: Series 12-Guest Books, 1950s, 1977-1979, 1985-1987.

Box 21: Series 13-Historic Preservation Foundation (also known as the Mizner Foundation), 1987-1997.

Box 22: Series 14-Institutional History. Includes chiefly copies of historical articles, including one by Hazel Daugharty Houston; also clippings and poem to Major Boynton.

Box 23: Series 15-Library, 1940s-1990s. 

Box 24: Series 16-Membership, 1909-1993

Box 25 (flat, out of order): Series 16-Memorabilia, 1909-1993.

Box 26 (oversized): Series 17-Memorabilia.  Silver tray presented to Boynton Woman’s Club by Junior Woman’s Club 1957.

Box 27: Series 18-Monthly Meeting Minutes and Finance Reports, 1940-1997 

Box 28: Series 18-Monthly Meeting Minutes and Finance Reports, 2006-2014 

Box 28.5: Series 18-Monthly Meeting Minutes and Finance Reports, 2015

Box 29: Series 19-News Clippings, 1927-1928, 1930, 1948, 1950s-1984.

Box 30: Series 19-News Clippings, 1990-2017.

Box 31: Series 20-Photographs, to 1992

Box 32: Series 20-Photographs, 1992-1997.

Box 33: Series 20-Photographs, 1997-2001

Box 34: Series 20-Photographs, 2001-2006

Box 35 (flat, out of order): Series 20-Photographs (copies)

Box 36: Series 20-Photographs, 1900-1993

Box 37: Series 20-Photographs, past presidents

Box 38: Series 20-Photographs, labeled at Brown Bag Lunch event

Box 39: Series 21-President's files, 2004-2005, 2006-2007 
    Includes calendar, planning materials, business and treasurer’s reports, correspondence

Box 40: Series 21-President's files, 2007-2008, 2008-2010
Includes budget, fundraising information, board and business meeting information, property management

Box 41: Series 21-President's files, 2012-2014

Box 42: Series 22-Programs.
    Subseries 1-Exhibitions, 1990
    Subseries 2-Hacienda Ranch 1983
    Subseries 3-Mentoring, 1991-1994
    Subseries 4-Misc. Programs
    Subseries 5-Scholarships 1954-2014
    Subseries 6-Toy Clinic, 1990-1996
    Subseries 7-Volunteering, 1987

Box 43: Series 23-Publications
    Subseries 1-Cookbooks, 1948, 1986-1987
    Subseries 2-Misc. 1984

Box 44: Series 23-Publications. Subseries 3-Newsletters, 1984-2017

Box 45: Series 23-Publications. Subseries 4-Yearbooks, 1924-1930

Box 46: Series 23-Publications. Subseries 4-Yearbooks, 1930-1979

Box 47: Series 23-Publications. Subseries 4-Yearbooks, 1980-

Box 48: Series 24-Scrapbooks, 1954-1955, 1955-1956.
    Additional material housed near box: covers of scrapbooks

Box 49: Series 24-Scrapbooks. Toy clinic, 1954-1965.

Box 50: Series 24-Scrapbooks. Toy clinic, 1965-1994.

Box 51: Series 24-Scrapbooks, 1993-1995.

Box 52: Series 24-Scrapbooks, 1996

Box 53: Series 24-Scrapbooks, 1997-1998.

Box 54: Series 24-Scrapbooks, 1998-1999.

Box 55: Series 24-Scrapbooks, 1999-2000.

Box 56: Series 25-Unaffliated Memorabilia. Subseries 1-Music.

Box 57: Series 25-Unaffiliated Memorabilia, subseries 2-Programs and 3-Publications

Box 58: Series 8, subseries 6: Property records.
Folder 1: 1911-07-01 Land purchase from Emma Pence (guardian for underage Charles Pence) to Charles T. Harper, lots 6 & 7 of Block 7 of Boynton, $1,500
Folder 2: 1911-09-10 Satisfaction of mortgage
Folder 3: 1911-09-19 Copy of mortgage from Charles T. Harper. $1,000 for 5 years at 7% annually
Folder 4: 1911-10-15 Warranty Deed from Harpers to BWC. Re lots 6 & 7 of Block 7, $1,500.
Folder 5: 1924-11-02 Contract for sale of land from Michael Jennings to BWC
Folder 6: 1925-04-03 The Boynton family (George H. Boynton, Anna Parker and husband, Edith Wright, Francis Patterson) make a $35K donation to the BWC building on condition that it forever remain a memorial to Nathan S. Boynton.
Folder 7: 1925 Agreement between BWC and Heaton and Adams for building for $50K. Also signed by The Boys Roofing Co. – M. Cannes, Meredith Electric Shop – J. B. Meredith, Delray Heating and Plumbing – D. H. Parker. 
Folder 8: 1930-02-20 Paid to George H. Boynton, $1,100
Folder 9: 1930-05-17 Abstracts of Titles to BWC Property
Folder 10: 1930-05-19 Mortgage from Jefferson Standard Life Insurance, $2,000
Folder 11: 1932 Clipping re: dedication
Folder 12: 1935-07-27 Abstract of title
Folder 13: 1935-10-5 Mortgage from Bessie Fancher for $1750; 1936-02-19 satisfaction of mortgage
Folder 14: 1936-02-10 Contract between BWC and Minnie Paulle. Paulle paid the BWC’s debt of $3,412, on condition that the BWC allowed the second floor of the building be rented for events, no alcohol was to be served, and the property be maintained.
Folder 15: 1945-12-06 Gas receipt from SE Natural Gas Corp
Folder 16: 1957-11-14 Warranty deed and correspondence re: widening of Federal Highway
Folder 17: 1965-10-01 Mortgage from Florence and Harry Geller for $65,000 for lot 4 Parker Estate. Letter 1972-05-15; 1965-10-01 Mortgage from Florence and Harry Geller, $6,000
Folder 18: 1965-10-27 Land purchase from Harrington Homes for Parker estates lots 3 & 4. $7500.
Folder 19: 1966-01-20 Final decree and letter, removal of restrictive covenant limiting property to “residential purposes”
Folder 20: 1972-04-25 Note re satisfaction of mortgage for parking lot
Folder 21: 1978-1979 Correspondence and copy of certificate for BWC building, National Register of Historic Places

Box 59: 587 Photographs of BWC events, 1945-1995, bulk 1988-1991 (2020.005)


Flat Files, Drawer 18, Folder 4
    Series 8 Facility. Subseries 1-(original) Construction. 

Flat Files, Drawer 18, Folder 5
    Series 8-Facility. 14-Institutional History