About the Arts & Cultural Center

Our History

Boynton Beach High School was built in 1927, the first high school graduation occurred in 1929 and the last graduating class of 15 students occurred in 1949.  Thereafter, the facility closed and became dilapidated for many years before being restored and completely renovated in 2018. In 2020, the facility re-opened as the Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center with exhibition spaces, dance studios, visual art studios with sinks, with access to a patio, a community playground and Kapok Courtyard. Additionally, the facility includes and a stunning second floor Event Hall, with a stage, a towering 39-foot high domed ceiling.

Designed by architect William Manly King, the city has preserved the original structure and maintained its unique character while incorporating many new features to remake it into a unique multi-use facility. Key architectural details have been revitalized while some interior spaces have been re-configured to allow maximum use of the 28,000 square foot venue.

Our Mission

The Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center is dedicated to preserving, promoting, and presenting creative thought-provoking art experiences that are culturally rich and diverse.

The Vision

The Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center values creativity, sparks imagination, celebrated diversity and shines a spotlight on our community!