Drive Safe Boynton

The Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is intended to provide realistic and flexible solutions to speeding and cut-through traffic, and to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety using tactics and strategies that have broad neighborhood support.

Questions? Email: or 561-742-6244

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How It Works

Determine whether your street qualifies.  To qualify, a street must be a City owned road, classified as “residential” or “community collector” with a posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour or lower.  

Requesting a Re-Evaluation identified.

If you feel the implemented solution did not fully address your concern, a request for re-evaluation can be made by email to with a subject line “Request for Re-Evaluation.”

Requests for re-evaluation must be made at least one year after the project installation.  The requesting party may be asked to fill out a new application.


Telephone: (561) 742-6244

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