boynton aerial view

Public Art & Development

The Art in Public Places (AiPP) program allows the City of Boynton Beach Public Art Department to collect a 1% fee on all development, redevelopment, reconstruction or remodeling projects with a value over $250,000. Construction projects include:

  • Nonresidential construction alteration or repair for which a building permit is required
  • All new residential construction and/or redevelopment for which a building permit is required
  • All new public construction for which a building permit is required

Each property owner that is constructing a new or renovated building, that falls under the Art in Public Places program, has a significant decision regarding the compliance with City code.

Choice #1:

Purchase and maintain public art on the property

Choice #2:

Make a contribution of 70% of 1% of the construction value to the Public Art Fund

The remaining 30% (of 1%) is dedicated to running the Arts in Public Places program which includes:

  • Administration of Art Fund and Art in Public Places Program, including Public Art Coordinator salary, record-keeping such as registration, maintenance, renovation, insurance, etc.
  • Art for publicly owned properties to include: site preparation, installation, insurance, maintenance and renovation
  • Marketing and advertising of the Art in Public Places program
  • Acquisition, siting and decommissioning
  • Art programs and events with a cultural emphasis that draw community participation
  • Artist and artwork selection-related expenses
  • Endowment program

Incorporating the arts into development projects leads to important benefits for both community members and developers alike. Arts-rich communities have 18% less serious crime and instill community trust and cohesion which leads to better preserved resources and public spaces. Art and community development results in greater tax revenues, higher property values and more desirable neighborhoods to live in.

“Our belief is that powerful, well-integrated public art can transform people’s lives by linking their perceptions, senses and intellects to the living systems that sustain them.” - unknown

Arts and Culture Mean Business:

  • The arts and culture industry has an annual impact of $3 billion in the state of Florida. 
  • The arts and culture industry has an economic impact of $345.3 million in Palm Beach County.
  • State dollars utilized on arts and culture programs have a return on investment of $5 for every $1 spent.
  • Local governments in Palm Beach County generated $15,787,000 from arts and culture in 2017. 

*American for the Arts, Arts & Economic Prosperity 5