workers fixing a water line

Water Utilities Projects

Phase I of the Central Seacrest Neighborhood Improvement Project was completed in February 2016 and consisted of replacing aging and undersized water mains, eliminating rear easement water services, upgrading stormwater systems and landscaping improvements.

A sixteen million gallons per day (MGD) resin plant was installed that pretreats raw water being pumped from the west wellfield to the East Water Treatment Plant. This high rate system has improved design, minimal footprint and reduces operating costs.

A new 36-inch raw water main was installed connecting the west wellfield to the East Water Treatment Plant. This 6-mile long pipeline will provide raw water up to 24 million gallons per day (MGD) and to support future development and growth in the City.

A new three million gallon potable water storage tank was constructed on the East Water Treatment Plan to provide additional water storage capacity and pressure maintenance in support of increasing population density east of I-95.

Pence Park lift station was placed online to serve the eastern part of the CIty and support redevelopment along Federal Highway. It was designed to blend in with the existing park facilities and improvements. A decorative gate, painted concrete wall and new landscaping were included in the project.

Several water main replacement projects in the northeast section of the City were completed utilizing a method called "pre-chlorinated pipe bursting." In the future, this trenchless technology will replace old pipe with new pipe without major excavation of the roadway, reducing service disruptions and costs.

Several stormwater improvement projects were completed in Venetian and Treasure Isles and Northwest 1st Street to help with collection and management of stormwater runoff. These projects consisted of re-establishing swales along the roadways to improve road drainage and to prevent the flooding of homes during large rain events.

In 2016, reclaimed water services were extended to all of High Point and Bethesda Park Condominiums. This helps to replace potable water as an irrigation source thereby supporting the departments' water conservation goals.

The replacement and upsizing of water mains and installation of an outfall in the Lakeside Garden neighborhood, via a co-share with the Casa del Mar developer, was completed. An outfall was installed on Ocean Inlet Drive to alleviate localized flooding.

The northeast 11th Avenue project was entirely designed and performed by in-house personnel, saving costs. The project improved pressure, water quality and fire protection to the immediate neighborhood by replacing the existing 4" water mains with new 8" water mains.