Applications for Service


A completed application, proof of authorization for property (lease, sale, or corporate documentation), two forms of identification (one being a photo ID), are required to open an account. Please select the appropriate application from the list below:

Water service will be provided to a residence or business once an account is opened. When opening an account, 24- hour notice is required after the deposit has been received before water service is activated.  The amount of the required deposit depends on the size of the meter. Most residences and businesses have ¾-inch (5/8”) meters or 1-inch meters. The deposit amounts are $100 for ¾-inch or 5/8” meters and $125 for 1-inch meters. For service turned on after hours there is a $55 charge. New water service that requires installation of a meter normally takes 7 to 10 days to implement and involves additional fees and an on-site inspection. The connection charge to install a ¾-inch (5/8”) meter at a site within the city limits is $220 and $275 outside the city limits, plus the $100 deposit. The connection charge to install a 1-inch meter inside the city limits is $255 and $315 outside city limits, plus a deposit of $125. Capital facility charges to pay for expansion of the utilities system also are required for new service installation. Deposits and fees are payable in person at the Customer Relations counter at 209 N. Seacrest Blvd. (Google Maps location), or they can be mailed. Before mailing any payments, first call Customer Relations at (561) 742-6300 to be sure what is required. 


To discontinue service, notify the City at least 24 hours in advance of the requested date of disconnection. We require a forwarding address, as well as the name of your landlord if you pay rent, or the name of the new owner if the property is being sold. Property owners are responsible for all charges associated with the service address until the actual date of sale, change of occupancy, or permanent disconnection. Bills are produced each month regardless of occupancy or water consumption.