Boynton Harbor Marina

marine turtle, scuba diver and reef735 Casa Loma Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL

Phone 561-735-7955

Hours of Operation:  Mon-Thurs.:  8am-5pm |  Fridays:  8am-6pm  |  Sat-Sun:  7am-6pm

Located ½ mile south of the Boynton Inlet, the Boynton Harbor Marina offers a multitude of water activities including fishing charters, drift fishing, scuba diving charters, jet-ski rentals, boat rentals and waterfront dining. View the inlet via live web cam.

Blue marlin caught in ocean waters off Boynton Beach
Giant fish caught off  Boynton Beach

One of our most popular attractions is our fishing. As the Gulf  Stream current carries the warm Caribbean water north up the east coast of the United States, it brings large amounts of game fish (Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, tuna, sailfish, etc…) close to our city. In fact, the Gulf Stream is closer to Boynton Beach than any other U.S. city hence why we are titled, “the Gateway to the Gulf Stream.”

Fishing Charters

Drift Fishing

Seamist III Drift Fishing -Phone:  561-732-9974

Boynton Harbor Marina is a Certified ValvTect Marina carrying both "NON ETHANOL" Marine Gasoline (90 Octane Recreational) and Marine Diesel with Bioguard Plus 6. ValvTect Certified Marinas' gasoline & diesel tanks are tested up to twice each year to ensure that ValvTect Marine Fuels are free of water, algae and other harmful contaminants.

Explore the Intracoastal Waterway on your choice of rental boats or jet skis. If you are interested in a relaxing sunset cruise or just want to observe the beautiful and creative designs of the gorgeious mansions lining the waterway, then book a private Intracoastal charters at the Boynton Beach Marina.  

Boat Rental

Boat Club Membership

Intracoastal Pleasure Cruise Charter

Jet Ski Rentals

salad lunch plate at waterfront restaurant
Banana Boat Waterfront Restaurant

The Marina offers  several restaurants for your dining enjoyment, including:

reef as home to school of tropical fish
Photo Credit: Dan Volker

Long reefs, large ship wrecks and crystal clear water from the Gulf Stream make diving in Boynton Beach a stunning and exciting adventure.  Our waters are teaming with schools of tropical fish and rock formations with eels, sharks, lobsters, angel fish, squid, sea turtles, and much more.  Your adventure awaits: