Tenant User Liability Insurance Program

Insurance Broker:   Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. – Boca Raton

Company:   OneBeacon Entertainment, Effective Date: October 1, 2014

Purpose:  The City of Boynton Beach has developed this program to cover individuals/organizations using City facilities, which do not have the required
insurance coverage.

Applicability:  Proof of insurance is required under the following circumstances:

1.  Anyone renting a City building.
2.  All permitted (Special Event Permit) events on City property.
3.  Pavilion reservation for more than 60 persons.
4.  Wedding ceremonies on the beach with more than 60 persons.
5.  Vendors doing business on City property.

NOTE: Individuals who are "reserving" the ball fields for practice or will not be required to obtain or to provide proof of insurance; however, they must complete
and sign the Standard Hold Harmless Agreement.

Requirement: In the above situations, if the person/organization cannot provide a Certificate of Insurance documenting that they have their own insurance, they must purchase insurance through Risk Management's TULIP program.

Serving of Alcohol: The Intracoastal Park Clubhouse is the only City facility where serving of alcohol, by private individuals or organizations for special events, is permitted. Liquor Liability insurance must be purchased under the TULIP program.

Purchasing: TULIP Insurance must be purchased at least 30 days prior to the event. Rates vary according to the number of persons involved in the event and the type of event.

How to Purchase TULIP Insurance:
1. Visit Purchase online website.
2. Find "Planning an Event" section and click “Get a Free Quote”.
3. Confirm Your Venue: Enter the Venue ID Code: 3967 – 000 or type in “City of Boynton Beach” in the Search for your Venue Section, then click “Next”.
4. Enter Your Event Details: Select the activity that best describes your event and answer all required questions then click “Get Quote”.
5. Premium Quote and Contact Information: Fill out the contact information then click "Next”.
6. Review and Confirm Information: Ensure that all information entered is correct and select the “Agree & Accept” boxes then click “Complete”.
7. Summary: Review summary and breakdown of costs then click “Purchase Coverage”.
8. Billing Information: Review billing information and enter payment information then click “Pay”.
9. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

Contact: If you have any questions please contact Risk Management at (561) 742-6048 or