Town Square Boynton Beach

Town Square Public Spaces

  • Town Square aerial photo facing east

Building Community Through Engaging Public Spaces 
Art, culture, play, public and private business, innovation and technology are some of the many activities residents and visitors can experience when spending time at Town Square. This public-private partnership provides an active city center that will bring residents, visitors and businesses together in one cohesive downtown destination.  

This well-planned town center is the key to the city’s vision – to be nationally recognized for its transformative efforts to make Boynton Beach a diverse and sustainable community where residents participate in building the city’s identity and where visitors can share in this community experience. 

The Town Square project fully embraces the city’s mission – to provide quality, resident-focused municipal services with an emphasis on public safety, neighborhood livability and responsible planning for economic growth. This will create vibrant neighborhoods for businesses, and cultural and educational opportunities that will nurture connectedness and vitality.  

Open spaces, playgrounds and buildings have been designed to welcome and encourage residents to gather, connect, and enjoy recreational activities, community events and business opportunities in spectacular surroundings.