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This building – the original Boynton Beach High School, built in 1927, is a treasured part of Boynton Beach’s rich history. Now, thanks to much thoughtful planning, this important building will serve as the Boynton Beach Cultural Center. When residents and visitors think of culture in Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach will be a major destination. There will be something for everyone interested in arts, culture, and community at this iconic venue located in the center of Town Square.

The City of Boynton Beach kept its promise to residents to preserve the original building and to maintain its unique character, while incorporating many new features to remake it into a relevant, productive, multi-use facility. Key architectural details have been revitalized, while some interior spaces have been re-configured to allow for maximum use of the 28,000 square foot venue.

Iconic symbols adorning the front of the building – a torch depicting enlightenment and learning, and a shield with laurels representing achievement – are not mere images from the school’s past; these are symbols of the Cultural Center’s future as a diverse visual, performing and literary arts attraction: a hub of cutting-edge cultural activity that will define Boynton Beach’s downtown district.

The Cultural Center, conveniently located just 25 minutes south of West Palm Beach and 45 minutes north of Ft. Lauderdale, will act as a magnet for artists and performers – a haven for those seeking to enrich their lives through cultural arts, exciting performances and community gatherings.

The newly-renovated building includes a stunning auditorium with a towering 49-foot-high domed ceiling, which can accommodate more than 250 guests for a seated dinner and 500 guests for performances and receptions. The venue will be available to host events of all sizes, from classes to business meetings, exhibits to theater and musical performances, fashion shows, conferences, luncheons, workshops and more. Programming will attract local, regional and national artists, performers and lecturers, which will provide sustaining revenue for the Boynton Beach Cultural Center.

The allure of the new Center is apparent before you enter the building. Lush gardens, expansive walkways and well-designed seating areas welcome you, creating beautiful outdoor gathering spaces for relaxation and photo opportunities. There is a spacious courtyard patio available for outdoor receptions.

Every aspect of Town Square is designed to offer enjoyable, meaningful gathering areas that are also safe and secure. In and around the Boynton Beach Cultural Center, visitors will find lovely walkways to stroll through, while advanced camera systems monitor public areas with sight and sound detection. Vegetation and trees were specifically selected not only for their beauty but to keep public spaces visible and safe.

In addition to these state-of-the-art features, there will also be regular police patrols and the use of security ambassadors during crowd-drawing special events. With the unveiling of the Cultural Center, the city will offer one of the safest public gathering spaces in South Florida.

For those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have visual impairment, many wayfinding features, including electronic crosswalks and digital/voice signage, are incorporated throughout the Center.

Collage of historic-high-school and rendering of Cultural Center


The Center’s meeting rooms, classrooms, gallery spaces, and courtyards are proof of the city’s focus on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. With the support of a private or corporate donor, a high technology app can allow those with vision loss to meander throughout the public buildings and outdoor spaces independently and at their own speed. The AWARE app provides indoor directions and descriptions; features large fonts and high contrast or a Braille display; and for non-visual users, it is completely audible.

The audible function is also handy for anyone who wants to receive location-specific information without having to look at or swipe a smart phone screen. All a user needs to do is to speak to AWARE and it will guide them to their destination by providing audio turn-by-turn directions.

The Cultural Center also has permanent audio induction looping throughout the auditorium, so those who are hard of hearing can fully enjoy performances and programs. Artist showcase areas will include collaborative programs which will provide individuals of all abilities new opportunities to showcase their talents. The Cultural Center’s wide entryways and hallways will ensure an inclusive environment in which everyone will feel welcome, have easy access and can enjoy performances and classes.

“As a proud native of Boynton Beach, and former student of both historic school buildings located in the new Town Square development, I am thrilled to see the renaissance taking place in the city of Boynton. I’m proud to support this new, exciting re-development of our downtown and believe it will be transformational and crucial to ensuring a bright and thriving future for my hometown.” — Phillip Parker, President & CEO, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Native & Former Resident, Boynton Beach

Help build stronger community ties through use of this beautiful and unique facility. Champion the arts by considering one of the many Donor Recognition opportunities throughout the Boynton Beach Cultural Center.

A comprehensive list of Donor Recognition Opportunities is enclosed. Here is a preview of some of the available naming opportunities: 

  • Name the first-floor Art Gallery and designate a portion of proceeds to specific arts programming.
  • Become a corporate partner and name the highly visible Box Office ticket window for a pledged period of 5 or 7 years. 
  • Name the architecturally-significant Ballroom and Stage and enable the Cultural Center to invest in top-quality, professional sound and audio equipment to attract major national and international talent to the venue. 
  • Name the Kapok Greenspace where important special events will take place. 

These and many other opportunities are available in a wide range of gift levels. Donations can be made as one-time gifts, multi-year pledges, or as planned gifts.  Please contact Michaela Kennedy or Charlotte Pelton for a comprehensive list of Donor Recognition Opportunities with gift levels. They will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. 

Michaela Kennedy 631-786-1362 
Charlotte Pelton 561-329-3868 

We look forward to assisting you in becoming a part of the future of Boynton Beach.