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Where Children Learn from the Past to Connect with Their Future 
Children think of it as play; parents delight in it as an oasis for early learning. The Schoolhouse Children’s Museum brims with history and nurtures the joy of learning for thousands of young minds. This is not a place where children are told “Don’t Touch!” It is a place where they can engage in free play, touch, feel, listen and engage their minds, little fingers and bodies in activities that help them to grow and learn.  

Nothing is more important to the city’s future than its children. Boynton Beach city leaders have gone to great lengths to plan the Town Square development around the historic Schoolhouse Children’s Museum – a choice that celebrates the institution’s significant role in the city’s past, present and future. The leaders chose to dedicate an entire section of Town Square to the youngest members of the community by locating a new playground for 2 to 5-year-olds adjacent to the museum. This is thoughtful city planning at its best.  

The Museum, constructed in 1913, is the oldest-standing schoolhouse in Boynton Beach. The innovative new playground will be the focus of joy and learning for even more young children as it takes its place in the heart of the Town Square. All activities are meant to inspire and engage children to explore, play, learn and discover through creative, interactive learning opportunities that integrate the arts, humanities and sciences in cultural and historical settings.

Our exhibits and activities provide a glimpse of life for early Florida pioneers – before the days of computers, cell phones, televisions or even cars. On two floors, children ages 1 to 7 experience South Florida’s past by engaging in activities of their choice – feeding and milking a “cow,” riding a pint-size tractor while tending the pepper patch, or taking part in music, dance, story time and a multitude of other interactive programs. Children are surrounded by child-sized replicas of resources that early pioneers relied on to survive, which, through interaction, play and imagination, provide them with a historically-based, sensory learning experience.

Collage with child riding toy tractor and other child with kaleidoscope

The nonprofit Schoolhouse Children’s Museum hopes to feature more of the city’s traditions and history by adding creative new exhibitory and improving existing aging exhibits and play areas so that new generations will come to understand and take pride in their city’s rich past.

The Museum is proud to be more than just a museum! It offers an array of educational programming for children. Interactive programs focus on a child’s early growth with an eye towards future academic success, allowing for individuality while developing social skills and school readiness. The museum also offers field trips, as well as the ‘museum-on-the-go’ outreach program.

As important to children’s intellectual growth is their physical development. The innovative new playground adjacent to the museum immerses young children in play experiences that challenge and engage them physically while sparking their curiosity.

Like the museum, the playground is designed to provide activities that take a child through the city’s past with play equipment that references Boynton Beach’s rich history. The city selected a groundbreaking playground developer to create designs that capture unique characteristics of the city’s marine and agricultural past. Swings, slides, and climbing structures are fashioned like sharks, alligators, and other fun shapes that ignite a child’s imagination.

Playground architects took the designs further, emphasizing the city’s natural beauty and their focus on accessibility and inclusion. All features, from inventive play areas to the gardens, are geared toward improving motor skills and stimulating sensory skills while encouraging interactive play. 


In keeping with Boynton Beach’s laser focus on inclusion and accessibility for all, the museum is autism-friendly, and programs are accessible to children with special needs. Children from kindergarten through second grade from low-income families take part in field trips at no charge, as funding allows.

The playground is designed with children of all abilities in mind. Several of the play experiences are ground-level and accessible by wheelchair, and ADA compliant swings are ready for fun. Accessible play equipment was carefully selected to encourage creativity, inspire children to invent games and discover new ways to play together and make new friends. Thought has also been given to provide a sensory-friendly environment by including a “quiet area” adjacent to each playground.

All aspects of the museum and playground were designed to offer pleasurable, meaningful gathering spaces that are safe and secure. Modern playground technology and materials, together with an open design, ensure safety and security for children and their families. The vegetation outside the museum and surrounding the playground includes trees and shrubbery specifically chosen to keep public areas visible and safe. Town Square will have advanced camera systems to monitor public spaces with both sight and sound detection.

The only problem parents will face is how to get their children to leave the museum and playground once they have experienced this one-of-a-kind play space!

An exciting renaissance is taking place in Boynton Beach, one that looks to the past to chart the best possible course for the future.

“The Schoolhouse Children’s Museum was designed to preserve the historic 1913 Boynton Schoolhouse building, and to serve as an interactive destination for children and families - a place to explore and discover what life was like in the pioneer days of Boynton Beach and learn about the farming history of Florida. The Museum stands out thanks to the authentic, hands-on experiences it offers children in this age of technology and I am proud to continue my support for this special place in our community.” — Carrie Parker Hill, Former Boynton Beach City Manager, Founding Member, Schoolhouse Children’s Museum


Together, let’s ignite a child’s passion with a thought-provoking new exhibit or innovative new playground equipment. Let’s help usher in this exciting new era in Boynton Beach and continue to offer a safe and unique space for children to discover, learn, and play. Become a champion for children!

Here is a preview of some of the available naming opportunities: 

  • Support the re-imagined, popular Pepper Patch exhibit, which incorporates the harvest-to-store process.
  • Underwrite the redesign and installation of the wildly busy Water World exhibit. Children will be able to explore in, on, and under the mangroves and listen to the sounds of nature, and toddlers will have a water-themed area designed specifically for emerging walkers and early learners.
  • Become a corporate sponsor of one of the unique playground structures for a designated period of time.
  • Name the entire playground in honor of your family or grandchildren.

Conceptual rendering of WaterWorld exhibit
Rendering of WaterWorld exhibit, pending donor funding

These and many other opportunities are available in a wide range of gift levels. Donations can be made as one-time gifts, multi-year pledges, or as planned gifts.  Please contact Michaela Kennedy or Charlotte Pelton for a comprehensive list of Donor Recognition Opportunities with gift levels. They will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. 

Michaela Kennedy 631-786-1362 
Charlotte Pelton 561-329-3868 

We look forward to assisting you in becoming a part of the future of Boynton Beach.