Help Pioneer Canal Park Win $75,000

We need your vote! Help the City win $75,000 towards the renovation of Pioneer Canal Park. Voting can be done with just a couple of clicks. Voting runs through September 12, and each individual may cast a vote daily. Winners will be announced on October 12, 2022. 

The “Perk Your Park” contest is being held by the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). Pioneer Canal Park, located at 848 NW 13th Avenue in Boynton Beach is one ten parks throughout the country taking part in the competition.

If Pioneer Canal Park earns a spot in the top three, the City will receive $75,000 which will be utilized to add a boat ramp and observatory deck to the Park, which will provide parkgoers access to waterway activities like boating, fishing, kayaking, relaxing, and observing wildlife. These amenities will be in addition to the basketball, tennis and beach volleyball courts which are already at the facility. 

Winning this competition would be a huge boost for the City,” said Kacy Young, the City's Director of Recreation and Parks. “With the $75,000 prize, we would be able to provide even more recreational opportunities for our parkgoers without any additional financial burden."

Questions? 561-742-6220.