Civic Center Playground to Move to Forest Hill Park

As part of the City’s upcoming Town Square Redevelopment Project, playground equipment currently at the Civic Center Playground (128 E. Ocean Avenue) will be relocated to Forest Hill Park (2500 SW 8th Street) and re-purposed replacing aging equipment. Forest Hill Park is a neighborhood park and includes a baseball/softball field, a basketball court, benches, bike rack, an open play area, picnic tables, and a playground.  
Safe4Play, LLC, a local contractor specializing in designing, building, and maintaining recreational products, will beginning the process on Tuesday, July 10.  Play 4 Safe has donated $27,500.00 towards the relocation of the playground project, which includes the swing set bordered with mulch, and the play structure containing artificial turf around the use zones. The entire project is expected to take about 6-8 days, weather permitting.  During this time, both playgrounds will not be available for use.