Share your COVID-19 Stories

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What did you do? How did you feel? What did you see? Were you lonely? Were you angry? Were you grateful?

These are the questions that people in the future will want answered. Let’s answer them now. Please share your stories, images, sound files, journal entries, social media posts, or moving images with us so that we can preserve and share your experiences. You are part of history; your experiences matter.

How to Participate

library dropboxThe method that you use to record your thoughts during this time period is up to you. Some suggestions include writing a journal of your thoughts and experiences, recording voice memos to make an audio oral history, saving your social media posts, or taking photos and/or videos of life as you see it – signs, empty streets, home workstations – we want to see them! We are collecting digital journal and diary entries, emails, photographs, videos, voice memos and audio recordings, digital art, and other digital documentation – click here to submit your items.

Please comply with county and state stay-at-home orders while self-documenting. 

The Submission Process

  • The Boynton Beach City Library Local History Archives can handle just about any format you create, but if you’re uncertain about something in particular and need technical assistance please reach out to We can help!
  • Please use this Google Form to submit your items. You will be able to sign an agreement allowing the Boynton Beach City Library Local History Archives to preserve your materials and make them available.
  • If you interview other people, we will need their permission for us to be able to make the interview available to others. Please have each of them fill out the Google Form.
  • If you want to submit images created by other people, we’ll need to have permission from creator. Please have each of them fill out the Google Form
  • Submissions will not be available immediately. After they are reviewed, we may make yours available online.

Where to See Responses:

Click here to view responses on our Flickr account.


This project is based on the work of the COVID-19 Florida State University Community Experience Project and the University of North Carolina - Charlotte Special Collections & Archives Contribute Your Stories of the COVID-19 Outbreak project.