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A0056 – Harvey Oyer Jr Papers


Creator: Harvey Oyer, Junior 
Title: Harvey Oyer Jr Papers 
Date span: 1946-2011 (inclusive), 1957-1960 (bulk)
Physical description: 1.67 linear feet (4 boxes) 
Language note: English 



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Acquisition Information: Unknown, found in archives.

Custodial History: Two banker’s boxes of files were found in the archives in 2013.

Citation Note: Collection title including series, box, and item numbers, Boynton Beach City Library



Biographical Note:  Harvey Eugene Oyer Jr. (1926-2010) was born in Boynton Beach, Florida to Harvey E. Oyer and Lillian Frederica “Freda” Voss Oyer. His great-grandparents, Hannibal Dillingham Pierce and Margretta Louise Moore Pierce were early settlers of the area. Oyer graduated as valedictorian of Boynton High School in 1944, went on to serve in the Pacific in World War II, then attended the University of Florida, and later served in the Korean War. He continued to serve as part of the Army Reserves. He was married twice, and was survived by three children, Susan Oyer, Harvey Oyer III, and Christian Macoviak.  Upon returning to Boynton Beach, Oyer founded an insurance and real estate business in 1953. In 1957, he was elected to the Boynton Beach City Council and at the age of 34 Oyer became Mayor of Boynton Beach for a two year term.

Active in civic affairs, Oyer served as President of the Boynton Beach Historical Society, President of the Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce, President of the Boynton Beach-Ocean Ridge Board of Realtors, President of the Lake Worth Pioneer Association, and Director of the American Red Cross. He was founding member of the Boynton Beach Jaycees and of the St. George’s Society of Palm Beach, and was a member of the board of directors of several local banks. Oyer was also involved with the Kiwanis Club, a member of the American Legion, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

Scope and Content Note:  Small collection of a portion of Oyer’s personal business papers, chiefly dating from the 1950s, as well as personal copies of city business dating from the same period.

Oyer, Harvey Eugene, 1926-2011
Real estate agents
Insurance agents
Civic leaders

Arrangement Note: The collection consists of 2 series: 

Series 1 includes business/professional papers relating to Harvey Oyer, Jr.’s time in the Boynton Beach City Council and as Boynton Beach’s mayor.
Sub-series 1 is administrative papers including agreements, resolutions, referendum, and departmental activity reports.
Sub-series 2 consists of annual audits for the City of Boynton Beach.
Sub-series 3 includes City of Boynton Beach budgets.
Sub-series 4 is City of Boynton Beach policies and procedures including civil service rules and regulations, organizational chart, position descriptions, Master Planning Commission, and real property assessments.
Sub-series 5 contains correspondence.
Sub-series 6 includes financial records such tax receipts, expenses, payroll, insurance, treasurer’s reports, and purchasing receipts.
Sub-series 7 is legal papers including contracts, leases, and agreements.
Sub-series 8 consists of meeting minutes for Boynton Beach City Council, Planning Commission, and Zoning Board.
Sub-series 9 includes non-Boynton Beach City papers such as the Great Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce and a journal from a professional meeting.
Sub-series 10 contains projects undertaken by the City of Boynton Beach including water works, sewer improvement, and other developments.

Series 2 consists of personal papers, including campaigning information, an oral history transcript, news clippings and obituaries, and memorials.

Processing Information: Collection processed 2016 by Kerry Neely and Susan Swiatosz.
Date of Finding Aid: 2017 July 10/sms; rev April 2019 / gc


Box 1:  
Series 1:  Business/Professional Papers
Sub-series 1: Administrative Papers (1946-1960)
Folder 1: Agreements, undated
Folder 2: Bills, undated
Folder 3: City Boards, undated
Folder 4: Ordinances, undated
Folder 5: Resolutions, 1946-1957
Folder 6: Employee Information, 1948-1961
Folder 7: Ordinances, 1958-1959
Folder 8: Resolutions, 1959
Folder 9: Official Ballot Special Referendum Election, 1959 May 26
Folder 10: City of Boynton Beach Industrial Information Service, 1959
Folder 11: Fire Department-Monthly Reports, 1960 May-June, August-December
Folder 12: Department of Public Works Activity Reports, 1960 May-June, August-December
Folder 13: Police Activity/Rolling Stock Reports, 1960 April, June-November
Folder 14: Notices, 1960
Folder 15: Ordinances, 1960
Folder 16: Resolutions, 1960

Sub-series 2: Annual Audits (1955-1959)
Folder 17: Fiscal Year Ending, 1955 October 31
Folder 18: Fiscal Year Ending, 1956 October 31
Folder 19: Fiscal Year Ending, 1957 October 31
Folder 20: Fiscal Year Ending, 1958 October 31
Folder 21: Fiscal Year Ending, 1959 October 31

Sub-series 3: Budgets, City of Boynton Beach (1958-1961)
Folder 22: City of Boynton Beach Administrative Budget, 1958-1959
Folder 23: City of Boynton Beach Departmental Estimate Summaries, 1959-1961
Folder 24: City of Boynton Beach Proposed Budget, 1960-1961
Folder 25: City of Boynton Beach Municipal Budget, 1960-1961

Box 2:  
Sub-series 4: City of Boynton Beach Policies and Procedures (1954-1959)
Folder 1: City of Boynton Beach Organizational Chart and City Job Descriptions, undated
Folder 2: City of Boynton Beach Civil Service Rules and Regulations, 1954
Folder 3: Rules and Regulations for Gas Utilities, 1955
Folder 4: Master Planning Commission, 1958-1959
Folder 5: Real Property Assessments, 1959 March 9

Sub-series 5: Correspondence (1957-1962)
Folder 6: Address List, undated
Folder 7: undated
Folder 8: 1957
Folder 9: 1958
Folder 10: 1959
Folder 11: 1960 January-May
Folder 12:  1960 June-July
Folder 13: 1960 August-September
Folder 14: 1960 October
Folder 15: 1960 November-December
Folder 16: 1961
Folder 17: 1962

Sub-series 6: Financial Records (1946-1960)
Folder 18: Net Tax Receipts, 1946-1958
Folder 19: Expenses, 1956-1960
Folder 20: Payroll, 1957-1959, 1962-1966
Folder 21: Insurance Proposal for New City Hall, 1958 September 17
Folder 22: Proposed Expenditures, 1958-1959
Folder 23: General Fund Revenues from Fiscal Year Ended 1959 October 31
Folder 24: General Fund Revenues and Expenditures as of 1959 December 31 
Folder 25: Receipts, 1959-1960
Folder 26: Invoices Submitted, 1960 February-June
Folder 27: General Fund and Water Department Revenues and Expenditures, 1959 November 1-1960 June 30
Folder 28: General Fund and Water Department Revenues and Expenditures, [1959] November 1-1960 July 31
Folder 29: General Fund and Water Department Revenues and Expenditures, [1959] November 1-1960 August 31
Folder 30: General Fund and Water Department Revenues and Expenditures, 1959 November 1-1960 October 31
Folder 31: Treasurer’s Reports, 1960 February-August, October-November
Folder 32: Bids, 1960
Folder 33: Building Permitting, 1960
Folder 34: Purchasing, 1960
Folder 35: Reports, 1960
Folder 36: Tax Assessment Records, 1960
Folder 37: Tax Collection Records, 1960

Box 3: 
Sub-series 7: Legal Papers (1954-1958)
Folder 1: Development Agreement, 1954
Folder 2: Contract with Anthony Frank Pimentel, 1957
Folder 3: Lease with Boynton Beach Little League, 1958

Sub-series 8: Meeting Minutes (1957-1960)
Folder 4: Excerpt of City Council Meeting Minutes, 1957
Folder 5: Master Planning Commission Meeting Minutes, 1958-1959
Folder 6:  Meeting Agenda, 1958-1960
Folder 7: Associate of Municipalities of Palm Beach County, 1959-1960
Folder 8: City Council Meeting Minutes, 1960
Folder 9: Zoning Board Meeting Minutes, 1960

Sub-series 9: Non-City Papers (1960)
Folder 10: Greater Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce By-Laws, undated
Folder 11: Journal-Florida Municipal Record, Special West Palm Beach Convention Issue, 1960 October

Sub-series 10: Projects (1956-1962)
Folder 12: Water Distribution System, undated
Folder 13: Road Specification Sheet, undated
Folder 14: Layout of Boat Club Property, undated
Folder 15: Engineering Report-Proposed Waterworks Improvement, 1956 July 19
Folder 16: Sewage Works Projects Drawing of Preliminary Layout, 1957 June
Folder 17: Report on Water Waste Survey, 1957 October 31 
Folder 18: Engineers Preliminary Report-Sewage Works Program/Lake Boynton Estates, 1958 November
Folder 19: Lake Boynton Estates Water Distribution System, 1958 November
Folder 20: Specifications Water Distribution System for Lake Boynton Estates, 1958 December
Folder 21: Water Refunding Agreement Study, 1959 January 21
Folder 22: Natural Gas Distribution Study, 1959 February 27
Folder 23: Study and Report on Railroad Crossing Conditions, 1959 April

Box 4: 
Folder 1: Report of Street Lighting Committee, 1959 May 26
Folder 2: Engineers Preliminary Report Waterworks Improvement, 1959 October
Folder 3: Financing and Cost Study for Library, Colored Swimming Pool, White Swimming Pool, Recreation Building, 1959 October 10
Folder 4: Mission Hill Development, 1959 November 17
Folder 5: Road Planning, 1959-1967
Folder 6: Revised Preliminary Report-Sewage Works Project, 1960 February 22 (1 of 2)
Folder 7: Revised Preliminary Report-Sewage Works Project, 1960 February 22 (2 of 2)
Folder 8: Engineer’s Preliminary Report-Ocean Ridge Water Improvements, 1960 August
Folder 9: Engineer’s Report Boynton Plaza Shopping Center-Sewage Disposal, 1960 August
Folder 10: Appraisal for Lot 5, Portions of Lots 4, 6, 7 in Boynton Center Subdivision, 1960 October
Folder 11: Appraisal Report Southwest Corner of Northeast 2nd Avenue and Northeast 1st Street, 1960 October
Folder 12: Water Issues, 1960
Folder 13: Supplementary Sewage Works Report, 1961 October
Folder 14: Preliminary Blueprints-Layout Sewage Works Project, 1962 January
Folder 15: Official Statement-Water and Sewer Revenue Bonds, Issues of 1961, 1962 April

Series 2:  Personal Papers (1963-2011)
Folder 16: Campaign for Mayoral Re-election, undated
Folder 17: Notes, undated
Folder 18: Newsclippings, 1963-2010
Folder 19: Correspondence, 1967
Folder 20: Harvey E. Oyer, Jr. Inc. Business Card, 1994
Folder 21: Oral History Transcript (Historical Society of Palm Beach County), 2006 May 8
Folder 22: Memorial Service Programs and Cards, 2010 December 22
Folder 23: Renaming of Boat Club Park to Harvey E. Oyer Junior Park, 2011 October 11