reflections kinetic art sculpture

Weekend Experiences

Sun Boxes 
Location: 114 N Federal Hwy.

A solar-powered sound installation 
Artist: Craig Colorusso, Rogers, AR

The soothing and energizing Sun Boxes are comprised of twenty speakers operating independently. Each box, powered by the sun via solar panels, continuously plays a different a guitar note loop. These sounds collectively make a Bb chord. Once the piece begins they continually overlap and slowly evolves over time.

sun boxes kinetic art

Solar Shimmer Project
Location: 114 N Federal Hwy.

student showing off her solar shimmer projectA student A student interactive kinetic installation
Artists: Anthony Castronovo, FL and Eleonora Nicoletti, London

While learning about solar and photovoltaic integration in to architecture and art, 200 students from three Palm Beach County schools, Boca Middle, Galaxy E3 Elementary and Poinciana STEM Elementary designed their own solar lanterns. Each lantern was hand painted on small, recycled plastic bottles. The bottles attached to solar lanterns are installed with recycled CDs to create a long screen or textile – like installation.  

Moving Toward Balance  
Location: Tent “Under the Tree” in Dewey Park, 100 NE 4th Street

Artist: Elayna Toby Singer, Palm Springs, FL

A one hour community mobile-making experience to promote balance for oneself and the environment

The artist will engage attendees in song, movement, mindfulness while creating a balanced mobile. They will learn about how their intentions and actions to protect, preserve and plant native trees can help reduce climate change and restore balance to the environment & themselves. Participants can take home the mobile they create. FREE.  Pre-register online:  Two one hour sessions per day:

  • 11:30am
  • 2:30pm


Kinetic Kanopi
Location: 114 N Federal Hwy.

 A community project that demonstrates sustainability and kinetic technologies. Students, artists and businesses collaborated to create a gathering place prototype that features kinetic powered components.