About Inclusion Works

Be a part of the City’s culture of inclusion by implementing accessible and inclusionary practices in your business. This FREE program is a simple and flexible way to demonstrate your commitment to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Apply online by using Inclusion Works Business Partner Application.

When EVERYONE feels welcome in your place of business, your business grows. Eliminating barriers to individuals with disabilities is easier than you think. Let the City’s Inclusion Support Team help you get started. Grow your customer base, be recognized as a Best Practice and Community Leader for accessibility, and send out Good Vibes …Your business will soon experience that Inclusion Works!

The City’s Inclusion Works Business Recognition Program (IWBRP)  is currently open to all businesses, including brick & mortar, home-based & web-based businesses, that are located within City limits and have a current BTR with the City.  Your business will receive recognition when you become an Inclusion Works Partner. City staff will help you through the application process.

Have you ever had an interaction with someone that was disabled, either a customer or an employee, and you were not sure “what to do”? The City of Boynton Beach proudly ensures that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is our high priority. When referring to D&I, often times, people of different gender, race, religion and sexual orientation are invited to have a seat at the table. However, when you look around your table, do you have any representation of people with disabilities? We are here to support you on your ADA/Inclusion Works Journey.

No need to fear the BB ADA Team is HERE!

  • ADA: Who is covered and who is responsible
  • What are you already doing for Disability Inclusion?
  • How we can help you take your business to the next level?
  • Watch Service Animal video/ Staff training/ADA Video
  • Commit to inclusion and accessibility in YOUR business
  • Create and Implement an ADA statement of inclusion and accessibility
  • Provide a way for customer feedback

Celebrate and share your commitment to inclusion and accessibility!

The Office of Accessibility will:

  • Recognize you at a Commission Meeting
  • Promote your Inclusion Works Business Partnership through our website and social media
  • Invite you to join our Inclusion Support Team
  • Share your experience
  • What challenges did you face?
  • What successes did you experience?

Visit our FAQs.

For additional questions about the program, please email ADA@bbfl.us or call Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator at 561-742-6241.