About Green Business

The City’s Green Business Recognition Program is currently open to restaurants and food service operators that are located within City limits and have a current BTR with the City. We anticipate opening the program to other business types in the near future. Notify Me when the program expands

Restaurants can receive recognition by completing 6 required actions plus 3 additional actions within the areas of waste reduction, recycling, energy & water conservation, and other green business practices. Once recognized, businesses commit to implementing at least one additional green action per year. City staff will visit participating businesses to document your practices and provide assistance.   APPLY NOW.

Participants must complete all of the following (see Application for details): 

  • Distribute plastic straws only by request
  • Use only reusable or biodegradable tableware on site
  • Provide cutlery and other extras for take away by request only
  • Do not distribute plastic bags or expanded polystyrene (aka “Styrofoam”) containers for to-go orders
  • Offer vegetarian or vegan main course options
  • Complete a “Litter Control” Checklist

Participants must complete at least 3 additional actions from the list below. (see Application for details): 

  • Use at least one recycling service
  • Purchase paper products that include recycled content
  • Provide signage or messaging to staff and customers to encourage environmental behavior
  • Implement at least one water conservation strategy
  • Implement at least one energy conservation strategy
  • Only serve seafood that is Seafood Watch’s “best choice” or “good alternative”
  • Serve produce and meat that are locally sourced, organic, and/or from an on-site garden
  • Implement strategies to reduce food waste
  • Purchase one or more electric or hybrid-electric vehicles for business use
  • Provide incentives for employees to walk, bike, use transit, or carpool
  • Use cleaning products that are safe for the environment
  • Implement at least one sustainable site design strategy (if applicable)
  • Other green/environmental actions

It takes just three steps to become a Boynton Beach Green Business: 

STEP 1: Register 

  • Complete the Green Business Application 
  • City staff will contact you to confirm receipt of application, review your responses, answer questions, and make any amendments. 
  • After the City has approved your application, if you use City recycling services you will receive your 10% discount beginning on the following month’s bill.

STEP 2: Implement

  •  City staff will visit your business to obtain documentation that you have completed your selected actions. 
  • After ensuring that you met your commitments: 
    • You will be awarded your “Boynton Beach Green Business” window decal and digital logo. 
    • You will be recognized at a City Commission meeting, on the City’s website, and in the City’s social media. 
    •  You will maintain your 10% discount on City recycling services (if applicable). 

STEP 3: Improve 

  • You will meet with City staff on an annual basis to demonstrate that you are maintaining current green business practices, and implementing one new action per year, to maintain your Green Business Recognition.

Please be prepared to provide documentation of each green business action you have implemented. City staff will request this information during your site visit. Documentation examples include the following: 

  • Products and equipment: Spec sheets, invoices, photos, or other documentation that shows the products are energy/water/waste efficient and that they are in use at the restaurant. 
  • Menus: Copy of menus showing vegan and vegetarian options, invoices demonstrating sources of local or organic foods, recipe planning or ordering structure that facilitates food waste reduction. 
  • Programs: Written description of education, waste reduction, or other programs in place. Photographs when available to document.
  • Policies: Written description of internal policy. Copy of memo or signage when available. 
  • Other practices: Documentation should be photographic or copies of documents when available and written narrative description otherwise. 

Visit our FAQs

For additional questions about the program, please email GreenBusiness@bbfl.us or call Rebecca Harvey, Sustainability Coordinator, at 561-742-6494.