Go Green

Energy Edge Rebate Program

How the Program Works:

Snapshopt: residents and small business owners submit a short pre-approval application that includes an FPL Energy Survey Report, proof of owner occupancy, the type of energy-efficient product or system to be installed, and a written estimate of the work. Pre-approval enables the City to reserve funds for approved applicants and determine when to stop accepting applications. Once approved, applicants have four (4) months to complete the work and submit a rebate request form along with proof of payment and other documentation. Once your rebate request form has been approved, you will receive a rebate check in the mail.  Follow steps below.

Program Funding:

Funds are available on a first-come first-served basis until all the funds allocated for this program have been expended. Rebates are reserved, but not guaranteed, for applicants that have been approved to participate in the program. If completed rebate request forms are not submitted within the allotted time period, applicants will need to re-apply for program approval. Accordingly, property owners are encouraged to apply and complete the work as soon as possible to take advantage of the program funds. The City of Boynton Beach does not guarantee a reduction in energy usage or in utility bills from participation within this program, and reserves the right to modify this program at its discretion.


Questions? Call 561-742-6067 or email EnergyEdge@bbfl.us . 

To be eligible for the Energy Edge Rebate Program, participants must:

  • Own a building within the City  that is at least 10 years old (10 years from date of building’s original permit application)
  • Reside in the building as their primary place of residence OR have a business that is the principal occupant of the building
  • Not offer the building for sale or lease within one (1) year after completing the work
  • Obtain an FPL energy survey for the property (see Step 2)
  • Select an energy efficiency improvement item that meets program requirements (see Step 3)
  • Hire a certified FPL Participating Independent Contractor or licensed Florida installer (see Step 4)

Note: The Energy Edge Rebate Program allows a maximum rebate per property of $1,000 in a 10-year period.

Understanding your energy use is an important first step to improving efficiency. For this reason, we ask all Energy Edge Program participants to obtain an FPL energy survey and submit a copy of the report with the pre-approval application.

Florida Power and Light (FPL) offers a free Online Home Energy Survey for residential applicants.

Business applicants can opt for either an online or on-site Business Energy Evaluation.

Homeowners and small businesses can choose from a variety of home improvements that meet ENERGY STAR qualifications and comply with the Florida Building Code. Check out the items eligible for rebate.

Energy Saving  Item  Maximum Rebate Amount  Requires Permit   Other Incentives Available
Minimum 16 SEER required
 50% up to $1,000  Y Check with FPL Participating Contractor
Insulation  50% up to $500  Y FPL: Rebate if qualified
ENERGY STAR Doors or Windows*  50% up to $1,000  Y  
Reflective Roof  50% up to $1,000  Y  
Natural Gas Water Heater  50% up to $500  Y  
High Efficiency Water Heater  50% up to $500  Y  
Solar Water Heater  50% up to $500  Y Federal Tax Credit: 30% of cost through Dec. 2021
Light Fixture Replacement/Occupancy Sensors (small business only)  50% up to $500  Y Check with FPL Participating Contractor

 *The rebate may also be used for Impact Doors or Windows with minimum 0.25 solar heat gain coefficient.

Owners must make their own inquiries as to the reputation and reliability of a Licensed Contractor before engaging their services. Contractors must have a current license for the proposed work and be registered with the City. FPL’s Participating Independent Contractors are qualified to help. To maximize the impact of this program on our local economy, we encourage participants to select a local contractor and purchase supplies from local retail establishments whenever possible. The contractor must obtain any required permits prior to commencement of any work.

A written estimate, with material and labor costs shown separately, must be submitted with the pre-approval application. Property owners are encouraged to get at least three written quotes. Ask for a thorough explanation when you receive a written estimate, and make sure you understand the basis for every recommendation for improvement. Property owners should satisfy themselves as to any necessary warrantees or guarantees for products or services provided.

Tell the contractor you want to implement one of the improvements on the Rebate Program List that qualifies for the FPL incentive program:

  • FPL Residential Energy Saving Rebates and Programs 
  • FPL Business Rebates and Programs

(Please note: Property owners may be eligible for these FPL incentive programs, in addition to the Energy Edge Program, to further offset the costs of energy efficiency improvements.)

Click here to download the application form. Attach all required documentation to the completed application and make copies of everything. Please call (561) 742-6067 if you need assistance.

Applications can be mailed, emailed, or dropped off at the Development Department, located in the West Wing of City Hall, 100 East Boynton Beach Blvd.

Attn: Energy Edge Rebate Program 
City of Boynton Beach - Development 
PO Box 310 
Boynton Beach, FL 33425-0310

E-mail: EnergyEdge@bbfl.us

Please note: Work done prior to applying is not eligible for this rebate program. 

Once your application is approved, you will receive an application approval letter by e-mail (followed by a hard copy in the mail). You may begin your energy efficiency improvement project! To receive a rebate, you must use the approved contractor you identified in your application. Only those items included in your application that have been permitted, installed, and receive a final inspection from the Building Department will qualify for the rebate. 

As you proceed with the purchase and installation of the energy improvement, make sure you obtain the following documentation:

Copy of dated, itemized receipt or other proof of payment with name and address of company performing the installation.

Copies of permit and final inspection approval

Verification that equipment is ENERGY STAR qualified (e.g. ENERGY STAR label from product)

You will receive a rebate request form by mail and email along with your application approval letter. To be eligible for the rebate, you must submit the rebate request form within four (4) months of application approval. Attach all required documentation and make copies of everything. These copies can assist with application processing should we have questions about your submittal.

Rebate request packages can be mailed, emailed, or dropped off at the addresses listed in Step 5 above.

Once the installed items have received a final inspection by the Building Department and your rebate request form has been submitted and approved, you will receive your rebate check in the mail.