Go Green

Canopy Assessment

The City of Boynton Beach hired the Green Infrastructure Center to complete its first citywide tree canopy assessment in July 2020. The assessment found that tree canopy covers 16.1% of the city’s total land area, and that 7.4% of the City’s land area can potentially be planted with additional trees. The study demonstrated the benefits of the City’s trees in terms of urban heat island reduction, stormwater uptake, climate mitigation, improved water quality, energy savings, and more. 

Based on results of the assessment, the City adopted a goal to increase tree canopy coverage from 16.1% to 20% by 2035, which will entail planting 3,000 trees per year! 

Review the Tree Canopy Story Map  to learn about Boynton Beach’s tree canopy. 

For more information, watch the Watch the Tree Canopy Mapping and Benefits Project Webinar  or Contact Us for a copy of the full report.