Flood Mitigation Plan 2018-2019 Progress Report


SUBMITTED TO: Insurance Services Office ISO - CRS Program 
PREPARED BY: CRS-Max Consultants, Inc.

April, 2019

Flood Mitigation Plan (FMP) 2018-2019 Progress Report

  • Community:      City of Boynton Beach, FL
  • Submitted by:  Angela Prymas, P.E., Utilities – Senior Engineer, CRS Coordinator
  • Email:  PrymasA@bbfl.us
  • Date of Report:  April 4, 2019
  • Date Report sent to Governing Body(s): City Commission Agenda of May 7, 2019

1.    Date this Report was Prepared:
April 4, 2019
2.    Name of the CRS Floodplain Management Plan:
The City of Boynton Beach Florida Flood Mitigation Plan (FMP)
3.    Date FMP Adopted:
July 16, 2013
4.    Five-Year CRS Expiration Date:
October 1, 2020
5.    How can a copy of the original plan be obtained?
City of Boynton Beach, Utilities Engineering Division, Angela Prymas, P.E.
124 E. Woolbright Road, Boynton Beach, Florida  33435
(561) 742-6421
6.    List what was accomplished during the previous year:

  • NE 20th Avenue Drainage Improvements Project - Completed

The purpose of this project was to mitigate localized flooding within an existing residential neighborhood of 13 acres by decreasing the extent of inundated area water ponding duration during rainfall events. Swales were implemented in most of the ROW pervious areas and approximately one mile of exfiltration trenches with 21 drainage structures in critical flooding areas. The project reduced nutrient loads to the environment and local waterways. In addition to the expected increase of resident’s satisfaction and well-being; the community is no longer exposed to flooding repercussions.

  • Harbor Estates (North & South Roads) Neighborhood Improvement Project - Completed

The Harbor Estates Neighborhood experienced periodic roadway flooding and standing water during heavy rainfall events, which affected the residential property owners located in the vicinity of North and South Roads. To improve the quality and reliability of the Harbor Estates Neighborhood Utilities, the City of Boynton Beach provided a new stormwater system that collects the stormwater and discharges through four (4) shallow outfalls located along the north edge of North Road and one (1) shallow outfall at the southeast corner of the neighborhood. The project also included replacing aging and undersized water mains and upgrading fire hydrants in the project area. 

  • Central Seacrest Corridor Neighborhood Utility Improvements – Phase II under construction

The goal of the project is to replace aging and undersized water mains and improve drainage within the right of way. For the drainage portion swales are implemented in most of the ROW pervious areas and exfiltration trenches with drainage structures in critical flooding areas. The project is a continuation of the work that was completed during Phase I. 

7.    Were any City of Boynton Beach objectives not reached or is implementation behind schedule? If so, state why.
The status of each Action Item is attached to this report.
8.    Should new projects specific to the City of Boynton Beach be started or should any of the recommendations or objects be revised:
The FMP is in the update process.  New projects will be added if necessary.

9.    City staff provided copies of this report to the City Commission and local media.
This report is being submitted to the City Commission via an agenda item. This report is being released to the local media, and is available to the public.

Information Contact:       

Angela Prymas, P.E.
Senior Engineer - Utilities
City of Boynton Beach
124 E. Woolbright Road
Boynton Beach, Florida  33435
(561) 742-6421
Email: Prymasa@bbfl.us

Attachment: Action Items Progress Report.