Rainy Season Readiness

Protect Your Property
• Elevate electrical panel boxes, A/C condensing units, and other appliances.
• Construct a small floodwall or earthen berm, or redirect drainage, to keep water away from the building.
• Consider “floodproofing” buildings by applying waterproof sealant as a barrier against water intrusion.

Learn about Floodplain Functions
• Open, unpaved areas are beneficial to our quality of life.
• When rainfall drains into the ground, it helps reduce flooding and recharges our drinking water supply.
• Open spaces filter stormwater runoff as it seeps through the ground and into our aquifer.
• Appreciate natural floodplains - keep them open and clean!

Construction DOs
•Obtain a construction permit from the City. No construction, including moving the earth, is legal in a floodplain without a permit.
Contact the City if you are aware of construction taking place illegally or the Development Department to obtain a permit and/or report illegal construction.