electric car

Electric Car Chargers Instructions

Here’s how to start using the FPL EVolution charging stations in five easy steps: 

1. Download the ChargePoint app. Available from the Apple Store or Google Play, the ChargePoint app will let you access the FPL EVolution charging points at our location where you can charge for free. The app will also give you the ability to charge at other ChargePoint stations away from work. Some of these charging stations could require you to pay. (If you already have the ChargePoint app, skip down to step 3.)

2. Create a ChargePoint account. It’s free and easy to create an account. You do not need to add a payment method (but you can if you want to charge at other ChargePoint stations that are not part of the FPL EVolution program).   

3. Text “EV” to MYFPL (69375) to receive a link to the FPL EVolution connection.* 

4. Complete the brief enrollment form to connect to FPL EVolution. You only need to connect to FPL EVolution once. As soon as the connection is established, you can hold your mobile phone near the reader to begin charging for FREE. 
5. Questions? Please contact Rebecca Harvey, Sustainability Coordinator at 561-742-6494 or HarveyR@bbfl.us.

*If the enrollment link is not received via text (may happen with international cell numbers), please proceed as follows:
•    Open ChargePoint app
•    Select the three dashes on top left of screen
•    Select “Account”
•    Select “Connections”
•    Select “Browse Connections”
•    In top search line: Type “FPL”, go,
•    “Program-FPL EVolution” appears, click on this
•    Connect to FPL EVolution Program (Step 4 above)