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Community Standards

community standards teamThe City's Community Standards Division promotes, protects, and improves the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Boynton Beach.  This information has been prepared as an educational resource, designed to ensure that every citizen within our community is made aware of the standards that have been set forth by our taxpayers, by the way of the City Commission.  

The provisions outlined herein, while wide ranging and comprehensive, are merely a summarization of the standards and regulations outlined in the City’s Ordinances. These standards are subject to change.

Visit this page to report a Community Standards issue.  Please note that issues may no longer be submitted anonymously.  Questions or concerns:? Call 561-742-6120. 

Pierre VestiguernePierre Vestiguerne
Community Standards Supervisor

Patrick HartPatrick Hart
Community Outreach Coordinator
Zone 2

Gayle HillGayla Hill
Community Outreach Coordinator
Zone 1

Calim Estime
Community Standards Specialist 
Zone 8
Phone: 561-742-6799

Glenn WeixlerGlenn Weixler
Community Standard Specialist
Zone 5

Luney GuillaumeLuney Guillaume
Community Standards Specialist
Zone 7

Mark KarageorgeMark Karageorge
Community Standards Specialist
Zone 3

No person shall park, store, leave or permit the parking, storing or leaving of any abandoned property or wrecked or inoperable motor vehicle of any kind, whether attended or not, upon any right of way or    private property within the City.  The presence of such vehicles, or parts thereof, on public right of way    or private property is hereby declared a public nuisance which may be towed, and the owner will be liable for the costs of removal.

Any owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any impact- resistance coverings, electrical gas, mechanical or plumbing system shall first obtain a building permit.

Residential Regulation:   No person shall lease a residential unit unless that person has previously obtained from the city a Business Tax receipt and a Certificate of Use and Occupancy for that unit. 

Business Regulation:    It is unlawful for any person to open or operate any business and/or occupy any structure for the privilege of engaging in any business, without first obtaining the required Certificate of Use and a Business Tax Receipt required for each separate operation.

No construction shall commence on any paved driveway, parking strip, right of way crossing that involve the cutting or removal of pavement, or any other project involving excavation without first obtaining engineering plan approval of the excavation activity, and being issued an engineering permit.

The exterior structure shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and in sanitary conditions 
All exterior surfaces including but not limited to doors, windows, fences cornices, porches, trim balconies, and decks shall be maintained in good condition.  Exterior wood surfaces   other than decay resistant wood shall be protected from the element and decay by painting or other protective covering or treatment.  Peeling, flaking and chipped paint shall be eliminated and surface repainted.  All metal surfaces subject to corrosion shall protected to avoid future corrosion.

  • Exterior walls shall be maintained in good repair free of damage, deterioration, graffiti, dirt, grime, mold, mildew, stains, peeling, and all other adverse conditions. Repair work on exterior walls shall be painted in a manner as to color coordinate with the rest of the structure.
  • Roof and fascia shall be maintained in good condition.
  • Gutters shall be maintained in good condition and be secured to the building.
  • All awnings and screens enclosures shall be maintained in good condition.
  • All attachments to any structure, such as awnings, shutters, light fixtures, or mailboxes shall be securely attached and not broken, hanging loose, or falling away from the structure.
  • All windows, exterior doors, garage doors, door frames, stairs, porches and or railings shall be structurally sound, securely attached to the structure, kept clean and in good repair.

Property shall be kept free of trash and debris.

All fences, gates and satellite dishes shall be maintained in good repair.

All driveways, parking areas, and other paved or hard surfaced areas intended for use by vehicular or pedestrian traffic shall be kept in good condition free of weeds and pot holes.

Construction and demolition debris greater than three cubic yards (i.e. broken concrete, fencing, large tree stumps larger that 4- inch in diameter, vegetation piles), require a special pick - up service. Contact the Public Works Department at 561-742-6200.

All landscape and grassed areas shall be maintained in a healthy condition, reasonably free of weeds, pest and diseases. Dead, damaged and or missing portions of grassed areas shall require replacement with viable sod. All grass shall be maintained at a height not to exceed (12) inches.  Lawns shall not encroach onto adjacent roadways, curbs, sidewalks, driveways or walkways. 

All buildings, including all residences are required to have address numbers displayed on the structure of the building (not mailbox).  Numbers must be at least 4-inch in height and contrast from the color of the house to be visible from City Street. Identification of premises is important for emergency responses of the fire and police departments.

It is prohibited for any livestock, including fowl and poultry to keep on private or public property. 

Every water line, plumbing fixture and drain shall be properly installed, connected and maintained, capable of performing its designated function.

Electrical wiring and devices shall be so designated, installed and maintained as not to be a potential fire or electrical hazard. No temporary wiring shall be installed as a permanent method of wiring. Defective wiring and equipment shall be repaired or replaced in accordance with the Florida Building Code.

Every heating, cooking and water heating device shall be maintained and operated as to be free from fire, health and accident hazards.  All such equipment shall be free from leaks and obstructions.

Appliances, household items, inoperable and unregistered vehicles are not allowed to be stored on your property.

Parking or storing of recreation vehicles, boats or boat trailers on private property may be permitted under the following conditions:

  • That the recreation vehicle, boat or boat trailer may be parked or stored in a carport.
  • That the recreation vehicle, boat or boat trailer may be parked or stored on a driveway.
  • That the recreation vehicle, boat or boat trailer may be stored in the rear yard, not closer than five (5) feet of the rear lot line or in the side yard not projecting beyond the front roof line.
  •  That the recreation vehicle, boat or boat trailer must be owned or used by a resident of the premises.
  •   That the recreation vehicle, boat or boat trailer must be currently registered and licensed as required by state and federal law.
  •   That no recreation vehicle, boat or boat trailer may be parked between the right-of-way and the structure unless on a driveway or other hard surfaced area, such as asphalt, paving stones, or concrete.
  •  That the total number of vehicles (other than passenger vehicles) so parked or stored shall be limited to two (2), not including those kept in a garage. Only one recreation vehicle may be parked or stored between the right-of-way and the structure.
  •  That the recreation vehicle, boat or boat trailer shall be parked or stored entirely on the owner's property in a safe and orderly manner and that vehicles parked or stored on a driveway shall not be a hazard to people entering the driveway or to persons passing on the sidewalk.
  • That the recreation vehicle, boat or boat trailer is not in the process of being constructed, reconstructed or undergoing major repairs that have taken more than seven (7) consecutive days to complete.
  • No recreation vehicle, boat or boat trailer shall be parked or stored on any public right-of-way for a period exceeding one hour.
  • It is prohibited to occupy any recreation vehicle while said vehicle is parked or stored on private property unless such use is specifically permitted in the applicable zoning district.

All fuel stored on the premises for the operation of heat-producing equipment shall be stored in a safe manner. Fuels shall be stored in accordance with generally accepted practices and in a manner, which will minimize the danger of fire. No fuel oil, gasoline or highly inflammable fuel shall be stored within any structure except in a manner approved by the City’s Fire department.

Installed on occupied buildings which impede required egress, light and or ventilation shall be opened and removed within 15 days after the termination of a designated hurricane watch or warning.

Swale areas shall be kept in a clean, safe and sanitary condition with grass maintained a height not to exceed twelve (12) inches.   The swale shall be kept free and clear of prohibited plant species.

It is unlawful for any person to place or cause to be placed any object or thing known to modify the design, function or shape of swales, right of way or alleys, on over or across any swale.  Turtle or button stones are the only allowed object to be placed in swale areas.

Swimming pools shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, and in good repair. 
Private swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas, containing water more than 24 inches (610 mm) in depth shall be completely surrounded by a fence or barrier at least 48 inches (1219 mm) in height above the finished ground level measured on the side of the barrier away from the pool.

Gates and doors in such barriers shall be self-closing and self-latching. Where the self-latching device is less than 54 inches (1372 mm) above the bottom of the gate, the release mechanism shall be located on the poolside of the gate. Self-closing and self-latching gates shall be maintained such that the gate will positively close and latch when released from an open position of 6 inches (152 mm) from the gatepost. No existing pool enclosure shall be removed, replaced, or changed in a manner that reduces its effectiveness as a safety barrier. 

All exterior property, including the swale area, shall be free from any accumulation of any junk, trash, debris, construction materials not being actively used for construction, abandoned, discarded or derelict objects or equipment, including but not limited to automobiles, vehicle parts, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, furniture, major and minor appliances, trailers, cans or containers. 

No person shall permit any trees, bushes, shrubs, or other vegetation growing on his or her property to encroach upon any adjacent parcel of property.  Any property owner upon whose property a tree, bush or shrub encroaches shall have the right to trim or prune the encroaching portion of such tree, bush or shrub, provided that such trimming or pruning is conducted in compliance with the requirements of any and all City regulations regarding tree abuse, tree trimming or tree pruning.

Trees shall be pruned and trimmed at all times to prevent hazard, including encroachment onto structures and obstruction of required sign. 
Hedges, shrubs, vines or accent plants shall be pruned and maintained so as to be free of wild or untamed growth and shall not encroach upon any structure, sidewalk, walkway, driveway, street or right-of-way. 

Dead and dying trees, stumps, roots, limbs, shrubs, vines, accent plants, hedges, or parts thereof, or any other natural growth shall be removed, and if required, the same shall be replaced with an approved substitute.

Residential gardens shall not be permitted within any front yard area or utility easement without the prior written approval of the appropriate utilities, and the concurrence of the City.  Gardens shall be maintained in a manner so as not to become or create a nuisance.

All trees must be pruned in accordance with the American National Standards Institute .
Tree pruning should be accomplished at the direction and or supervision of a certified arborist. All trees pruners who provide service in the City shall hold a valid Business Tax Receipt in Palm Beach County.   Hat racking and topping off tree top is prohibited.

It is prohibited for any individual to park or cause to be parked any farm tractor, semi-trailer, truck or other motor vehicle of greater than one (1) ton chassis configuration on any publicly dedicated street, alley or thoroughfare (including the entire right-of-way thereof) of the City for a longer period than fifteen (15) minutes, unless the actual loading or unloading of such vehicle is involved or in progress.

It is prohibited for any individual to park, cause to be parked or allow to be parked any farm tractor, semitrailer, truck or other motor vehicle greater than one (1) ton chassis configuration for a longer period than fifteen (15) minutes in any residential area of the city as defined on the city's master zoning map, unless the actual loading or unloading of such vehicle is involved and in progress.  Effect of provisions * This section shall not be construed as authorizing trucks to utilize any street or other public thoroughfare of the city over which such vehicular traffic is now prohibited by ordinance or lawful order of the Police Department. 

Building or structures that are unsafe, unsanitary or deficient in adequate facilities, fire or windstorm hazards, illegal or improper use, occupancy or maintenance which do not comply with minimum housing standards shall be deemed unsafe and a permit shall be obtained by a licensed contractor to demolish the structure.

Vacant buildings are required to be secured, all the entrances should be locked and or boarded up to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons.

If you receive a notice advising of a violation on your property, please read the letter and take action to correct the violation.  If you require additional information regarding the violation, and or the corrective action required or if you are working towards compliance please contact the Community Standards Specialist that issued the notice at the phone number provided to discuss the issues. In some cases, additional time can be approved but please keep in mind that the correction of certain violations may not be delayed. 

If action is not taken to correct violation, there are several possible consequences, including a notice to appear in front of the Community Standards Special Magistrate. In some cases, the City may arrange for the violation to be corrected and file a lien to recover the costs.

The Community Standards office can let you know if a case is liened and the current lien and/or fine. However, for lien payoff requests and a comprehensive report of all debt owed to the City go to

When the respondent does not comply the code violation(s), they will be scheduled to appear before the Special Magistrate. The Special Magistrate is a quasi-judicial body whose creation is enabled by Chapter 162, Florida Statutes, which was enacted into law by the Florida Legislature in 1980. The Special Magistrate is authorized to impose administrative fines and other noncriminal penalties to provide an equitable, expeditious, effective and inexpensive method of enforcing any codes and ordinances in force in counties and municipalities. Special Magistrate hearings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The respondents are encouraged to appear so they can speak to the violation(s) and hear the Special Magistrate findings. These are public hearings so anyone can attend.

Lien Reduction Process

Criteria for lien reduction.
Applicant must be the legal owner(s) of the property, and must call the Community Standards division to request a lien reduction inspection prior to receiving an application, to ensure the property is in full compliance.

The following criteria must be complied with prior to a lien reduction hearing before the Special Magistrate:

  1. The property in question must be in total code compliance and an affidavit of compliance must be issued for the code compliance case that is being appealed.
  2. The subject property must be free of all outstanding debts (including taxes) due the city.
  3. A fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00) shall accompany the initial reduction application with a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each additional lien recorded against the property.