The City of Boynton Beach has partnered with Gridics, LLC to launch the City’s next-generation municipal zoning technology platform. This new platform brings a new level of transparency and ease of use to our zoning code, allowing anyone the ability to access the precise information they need specific to their parcel in an easy-to-use format.

Gridics logo showing 3D buildings with some green blocks on some buildings

Gridics Planning & Zoning

Click below to get started with the Gridics Planning & Zoning tool

With Gridics You Can:
  • Find the zoning district, future land use designation any parcel in the City;
  • Find parcel-specific regulations, including setbacks, maximum height, lot coverage, zoning district, and more;
  • Find regulations on fences, decks, porches, pools, sheds, and more;
  • Obtain a parcel-specific list of uses permitted on any parcel in the City;
  • Browse significant projects currently in review or recently approved;
  • Browse a 3D interactive map of the City and toggle a wide range of other data layers for a more comprehensive understanding of the City; and
  • Bookmark, highlight, and use notation features in a digitalized zoning code which will be updated in real-time as changes are adopted.

Over time, the Gridics software will be able to link to Sages, the City’s permit and development application framework to provide greater ease in submitting and obtaining permits, and see up-to-date progress on significant development projects. A how-to video below provides directions on how to utilize the platform and reviews the platform’s capabilities.

How to Utilize Gridics:
FAQ’s Coming Soon!