Town Square Boynton Beach

Town Square Funding

A city at its best is one that is for its people, and nothing defines that philosophy more than the public-private partnerships that are at work creating Boynton Beach’s new 20-acre city center. The process for planning Town Square included opportunities for all residents and businesses to participate. The fundraising campaign allows community members and patrons the opportunity to forge an indelible connection with this time and place in the city’s history. We hope you will choose to be a part of Boynton Beach’s amazing transformation.

The $280 million project is being funded through a tax-exempt bond to be paid back over 25 years, with support from the city and the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). The remaining portion of the city’s contribution comes from additional sources, including city and utility budgets, federal tax credits and land value prices. The funding covers all building costs for the facilities and public spaces within the development.

Additionally, a $5 to $7.5 million capital campaign is underway to raise funds needed to enhance and upgrade elements of the project not included in the budget. Certain funds will also be designated to create programming for the community.

Here are several examples of additional funding that will enhance or maximize the new facilities and public spaces in ways that all members of the community can benefit: 

Cultural Center - The campaign will raise funds to outfit the stage of the large ballroom with a high-quality, professional sound and lighting system in order to enhance the arts programming and attract top talent and large-scale events.  

Schoolhouse Children’s Museum - The campaign will raise funds to create exciting new hands-on exhibits and to modernize existing exhibits and play areas.  

Boynton Beach City Library - The campaign will raise funds to support community programing. The cutting-edge maker space will offer all students a space to innovate and discover new skills in a hands-on environment. 

Art in Public Places - With additional funds raised from the campaign, private and corporate arts patrons can help expand the quantity and variety of artworks and other media for all members of the community to enjoy. 

Business Incubator/Innovation Space - The business incubator is an extraordinary naming opportunity for a corporate partner or private donor in the region who understands the value of attracting and mentoring new businesses in Boynton Beach and the potential for bringing new types of employment opportunities to the community.