Town Square Boynton Beach

Something For Everyone

Read on and you will see the next exciting chapter in our city’s rich history – and your opportunity to be part of its legacy. This new development in Downtown Boynton Beach has been intentionally designed based on the inspiration and aspirations of city residents and businesses, in partnership with private developers, resulting in one of the most thoughtfully planned city centers in the State of Florida and beyond. 

The City of Boynton Beach has officially begun its renaissance – an era of growth and invigoration built around a vision that embraces the arts and culture, education, innovation, community, commerce and tourism. Town Square encompasses all that is important to a city that is envisioning its future while paying respect to its historic past. Within 20 acres, every resident, business, visitor, consumer, student, art lover and community member will find what they came for... and so much more. 

Shop in top-quality retail stores and support Boynton Beach’s small businesses. Experience the pleasure and convenience of restaurants, galleries and shops with ample, convenient parking. 

Explore the cultural activities of your choice. You’ll find theater, music and visual arts, available in all formats – classes, exhibits, and performances, all at the new Cultural Center. Enjoy exceptional displays of public art in open spaces, inside the facilities and throughout Town Square.  

Experience history with your family, while learning and playing at the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum or in one of the innovative new playgrounds.

Drop by the new library, and you’ll be amazed at what’s available in this state-of-the-art facility. Visitors of all ages will have access to the Internet, computer labs, local history, career development and of course, books! 

Visit the new City Hall to conduct city business and stay to enjoy the café or reserve a room for your group or club in the available meeting spaces.

Gather with friends and neighbors for fun, outdoor events, celebrations and performances at the new public amphitheater.  

Searching for a new home? Choose to live in the center of it all, in one of the many freshly-designed Town Square residential units. Visitors can stay in the new luxury hotel.

Key elements throughout Town Square are the various unique and peaceful public spaces for group gatherings, memory-making occasions, relaxation and enjoyment.

This iconic development has paid attention to inclusion and security throughout. Within every public building, every open area, and along the beautifully landscaped walkways, are features and state-of-the-art technology that ensure an equally accessible and safe experience for everyone.