Town Square Boynton Beach

Kapok Park Family Activity Center

Family Activity Center and Playground

The City of Boynton Beach embraces its role in supporting the development of our next generations. With that in mind, two unique playgrounds are included in Town Square – one for children 2 to 5 years, adjacent to the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum; and another for children ages 5 to 12 years, adjacent to the Cultural Center. Both play spaces have mindfully incorporated the city’s history with unique playground equipment focusing on motor-skills development, overall physical health, and strength as recommended by the World Health Organization. 

Kapok Park Jellyfish Slide

Few children or adults will be able to resist the unique playground designed for older children. With help from funders, Town Square will have the first playground in all of Florida to display the towering Jellyfish made for climbing, sliding, and friendship making.

The massive blue butterfly, designed in the fashion of the near-extinct Miami Blue Butterfly, will lure children to climb, jump and gather under its engaging wings to socialize. Even the “grass” surrounding it is climbable.

Many features of this playground are designed to be a reminder of the city’s history – its agriculture, ocean activities and tropical environment. The jellyfish depicts the city’s deep ties to the ocean, and also takes its symbolism from the far-reaching tentacles that mirror the city’s mission to embrace all citizens. The butterfly signifies the city’s rich tropical beauty while symbolizing positive change and growth. Even the turf below the equipment has special significance to the city – depicting a ship and a variety of fruits and vegetables reminiscent of the city’s agricultural and maritime history. 

All equipment is designed for play by children of all abilities. The structures are chosen, and recreational spaces are created, to intentionally nurture social gathering where ALL children can play together. Thought has also been given to provide a sensory-friendly environment by including a “quiet area” adjacent to each playground.

Not only are the playground’s features accessible for children of all abilities to take part in universal play, additional areas have been developed specifically to meet the needs of some very special children. For example, basket swings have extra supports, and the butterfly, ship and hammock have quiet areas. All of this was designed so that all children can be part of the action and make new friends. 

And, while adults may join their children in the fun in this unique playground, they will have their own space, too, in the form of adult exercise stations encircling the playground. Parents can use the time to take their own steps toward physical fitness, which can encourage their children to do the same.

Tell our children of all ages and abilities how invested you are in their future. You can do so by participating in a variety of ways, such as: 

  • Naming a play structure or particular area in the playground.  
  • Naming the whole playground (exclusively, or allowing other donors to name certain play structures and areas within the playground). 

For more information, please contact: 
Michaela Kennedy 631-786-1362 
Charlotte Pelton 561-329-3868