Town Square Boynton Beach

Innovation Space Business Incubator 

Innovation Space / Business Incubator 

The City of Boynton Beach strives to create a sustainable economic base with employment opportunities that offer livable wages and housing opportunities to a skilled, educated, and competitive labor force. As one of South Florida’s emerging local economies, the City of Boynton Beach has a diverse, innovative economy that aims to promote a healthy and expanding community through locally-based, regionally-driven economic development. As part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Metro area, there is a market of over 6.5 million people within 100 miles. 

Boynton Beach is a city of small businesses. The three main sectors of our economy are healthcare/social assistance, retail trade, and hospitality/food services. We have over 9,600 businesses currently operating within the city and have created over 21,000 jobs. 

As part of the Town Square development, Boynton Beach is making strong efforts to encourage new businesses in the city. One way the city is making a big commitment to new business is through its new innovation space, also known as an incubator, designed for new and early-stage startup businesses, placing the core focus on mentorship to help prepare a new business for growth.  

This will offer Boynton Beach-based startup businesses the support, expertise and tools they need to succeed. When a Boynton Beach business finishes the program, the city and Community Redevelopment Agency’s economic development professionals will continue to provide support, linking them with opportunities to various business resources.  

City Hall will provide a number of meeting rooms available for groups to gather and conduct civic, business, or social meetings. A City Hall café will be open to the public and also available to provide food and beverage service to groups meeting in the building. 

For information on Donor Recognition Opportunities, please contact: 
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