Town Square Boynton Beach

Inclusive City Hall

An Inclusive City Hall  

At the core of any city is an active and welcoming government center, and Boynton Beach will be fortunate to have the best of the best. The new City Hall will be much more than offices for city administrators and a location for residents to conduct city business. 

Lobby interior rendering

With the innovative, new library housed in the same building, and cutting-edge assistive technology for people of all abilities, this facility will be a regular stop for residents and businesses who seek meeting spaces, information and universal access to city services.  

All aspects of Boynton Beach’s Town Square are designed to welcome and accommodate people of all abilities using the most advanced technology. The City Hall and its business incubator space will be a showcase for those inherent rights, with wheelchair accessibility, technology for those with hearing and vision loss, and adaptive equipment.  

High tech apps and smart phones can make it possible for those with vision loss to meander throughout the public buildings and open areas independently and at their own speed. With support from an individual or corporate donor, the mobile app AWARE can provide indoor directions and descriptions using large fonts and high contrast, or a Braille display for those who prefer to read with their fingers. It is also completely audible for non-visual users. Additionally, the audio function is handy for anyone who wants to receive location-specific information without having to look at or swipe a smart phone screen. To navigate public buildings with confidence, all one needs is to speak to AWARE and it will guide them to their destination by giving audio turn-by-turn directions. 

In addition, those with hearing loss will be aided by audio induction loops that filter out ambient noise. In the library, for those with vision challenges, special assistive technology will be installed on public computers, including JAWS, a reader program that allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen with text magnifiers, a text-to-speech output or by a refreshable Braille display. 

For information on Donor Recognition Opportunities, please contact: 
Michaela Kennedy 631-786-1362 
Charlotte Pelton 561-329-3868