Town Square Boynton Beach

Art in Public Places

Boynton Beach has established itself as a premier arts destination in South Florida that attracts art lovers, collectors and artists. City streets, parks and private developments are enhanced by more than 80 artworks created by world-renowned and local artists.

Cavalcade at 500 Ocean 1

Town Square provides a dynamic canvas to connect Boynton Beach’s cultural environment to the global community. Promenades and green spaces throughout the 20-acre development will be immersed in new, engaging artworks of all sizes, forms and mediums. The City Hall/Library building and Boynton Beach Cultural Center, along with active and passive park spaces throughout the site, will showcase custom artworks that represent the city.

The City of Boynton Beach is one of the nation’s first to make a formal commitment to ensuring that public art is an important component of the city’s tapestry. Art in Public Places is funded through a one-percent public art fee on all construction projects. As development occurs, public art is integrated into the architecture, infrastructure, landscape and greenways throughout Boynton Beach. 

Weaving through this downtown center from Ocean Avenue to the Boynton Harbor Marina is a rotating, year-long outdoor art exhibition known as the Avenue of the Arts. The avenue is a walkable loop that connects the city’s diverse assets – restaurants, businesses, public facilities, open spaces, the cultural center, a hotel, and marina.

Ensure your place in the city’s extraordinary and nationally recognized arts program. Become a patron of the arts in Downtown Boynton Beach. Make a gift or sponsor one of the exciting works of art on display throughout Town Square or name a gallery space or room in the Cultural Center and help endow an arts program.

A comprehensive list of Donor Recognition Opportunities is enclosed. Here is a preview of some of the available naming opportunities:

  • Become a major corporate partner by naming the highly visible Avenue of the Arts for a five- or seven-year period.
  • Name the Kinetic Art Plaza featuring Ralfonso’s iconic gateway feature called Reflections.
  • Name the Interactive Plaza featuring Don Gialanella’s artwork titled Synesthesia.
  • Name the playful interactive “Reef” artwork by Urban Conga, selected for the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum Plaza.
  • Name the eco art native gardens and courtyard by Lucy Keshavarz connecting the Cultural Center to the historic Kapok Tree. 
  • Name the first or second floor Art Gallery space inside the Cultural Center.
  • Support the Cultural Center’s programming and art rooms designated for creative experiences.  

Choose from many donor opportunities at all gift levels to support the acquisition and installation of one-of-a-kind art in Boynton Beach. 

For more information, please contact: 
Michaela Kennedy 631-786-1362 
Charlotte Pelton 561-329-3868