ramp to oceanfront park beach

Oceanfront Park

6415 N. Ocean Boulevard, Ocean Ridge  
Beach Conditions: (561) 742-6775 | Beach Headquarters: (561) 742-6565

Oceanfront park beach is open 365 days a year from sunrise to 9:00 p.m; Lifeguards are on duty every day from 9 am – 5 pm. The staff is certified or licensed as First Responders or EMT’s.  Designated surfing and skim board areas are located at the north and south end of the beach.  

Beach wheelchairs are available. Those with a disability may contact the lifeguards prior to going into the water.  A Mobi-Mat provides access to the sand for wheelchairs and strollers.

NEW View updated parking information effective October 1, 2020.

Please note that the parking lot may fill up. Resident permits do not guarantee that parking spaces are always available. 

Annual parking permits may be purchased at City Hall (100 E. Ocean Ave., Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm).

  • Back-in parking is not allowed at the beach at any time
  • No parking on the grass

Picnic areas are equipped with grills, tables and restrooms. Facilities are available on a first-come first-served basis. The covered pavilions on the lower level may be reserved: boynton-beach.org/event-permits/picnic-pavilion-rentals

The Oceanfront Park playground includes a tot area, as well as a play area for  children ages 5-12. Please watch your children at all times on the playground.

In addition, there is a fitness area for adults next to the playground. 

Oceanside Beach Service offers  cabana service. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are available for rent.  Prices range from $7/hour for an umbrella to $42/hour for a cabana.

Public restrooms are available at Oceanfront Park Beach. 

Beachgoers may notice seaweed along some part of the beaches. Seaweed is a natural part of our ecosystem that serves an important role in preserving our shoreline in addition to being a food source for many coastal birds. We ask beachgoers not to disrupt the seaweed so it can continue to play its part in rebuilding our shoreline.

Sea turtle nesting season is March 1 – October 31. Please be extremely careful not to disturb their nests.  

Loggerhead Marine Life has tips on how you can protect sea turtles: 

• Keep your distance
Never approach or touch a nesting sea turtle. Keep your distance, remain quiet and keep all lights off (including flash photography & cell phones). Touching, prodding or shining lights may cause her to not lay eggs or disturb her and affect how well she covers and camouflages the nest.

• Let hatchlings emerge
If you see hatchlings on the beach, allow them to crawl to the ocean on their own. Do not remove or dig hatchlings out of a nest. Removing sand above the nest will make it more difficult for the hatchlings to emerge.

• Avoid the dune & vegetation
Enter the beach at designated access points and avoid walking on the dunes or beach vegetation to protect sea turtle nests, shorebird nests and the dune plant ecosystem.

• Turn off lights
Keep lights at your house off while not in use and close your blinds at night to avoid adding to overall sky glow.

• Draw the blinds
If you own or are using a beach front property, make sure to close your blinds and avoid use of unshielded outdoor lighting fixtures.

• Don’t leave it behind
Remove obstacles such as beach chairs, tables, water-sport equipment and umbrellas before dark.

• Be aware when digging
Only dig holes below high tide line, in the hard packed sand to avoid incubating sea turtle nests and avoid using shovels.

• Fill in your holes
Fill all holes back in and knock over sand castles so that nesting turtles and hatchlings can’t fall into them and aren’t hindered as they crawl on the beach.

• Don’t be a litter bug
Properly throw away trash so that it doesn’t blow into the water or become an obstacle for a sea turtle.

• Don’t release balloons
Don’t release balloons, they travel far distances and will be eaten by sea turtles & other marine organisms.

Committed to environmental sustainability, a recycling area is provided for patrons. To help protect wildlife by reducing plastics, straws and lids are not provided.