"Deep Ocean & Shore Reef" Parking Garage

3-D Surface Public Art Sculpture for South Parking Garage

Targeted completion November 2020

Boynton Beach artist Amanda Johnson was selected from the Art in Public Places Emerging Public Artists Program and commissioned by developer JKM Developers. LLC. partnered with Finfrock garage builders to create a public artwork for the south parking garage structure. The project concept celebrates Boynton Beach’s coastal connection while providing a sense of place, identity, and wayfinding as well as educate the community about sea life preservation and environmental issues.

Deep Ocean Tower

After her research which included visits to the Reef Insititute, the Jaycee Public Markers and local fishermen and working on her conceptual sketches, Amanda created designs for each tower that represents two water ecosystems. The northeast tower represents the “Deep Ocean” with its large aluminum cut out Mahi-Mahi shape against vertical green and aqua waves, accented by stylized Sargassum and a swimming Wahoo.

Shore Reef Tower

The northwest tower represents the “Shore Reef” featuring an aluminum cut out of a large Seahorse with the west side displaying a stylized Coral and Pencil Urchin against horizontal green and aqua waves. The east and west wave pattern is connected along the garage face where green walls integrate smaller Sargent Major aluminum fishey's “swimming” in the live foliage.

Both towers relate to one another but are distinctly different. These differences allow for easy wayfinding, can be easily seen in Town Square and will assist visitors to navigate to and from their parking destination. Each floor will have a sea creature by the garage entrance and exit floors with educational panels to learn about the Deep Ocean and Shore Reef Ecosystems that explain the significance of the aluminum cut out sealife shapes.