Public Art Projects

The City's Art in Public Places Program recognizes public art throughout our City.  

"Waterhole #3" greets visitors entering the Boynton Town Center.

Public art creates character and can be an identifying marker and often a meeting place where people gather.

eternal%20324%20x%20324.jpgLocation: Carolyn Sims Community Center at Wilson Park, 225 NW 12th Ave
Art Title:  "Eternal Vision”
Year:  2007
The "Eternal Vision" Public Art Memorial project celebrates Carolyn Sims' contribution to the quality of life in Boynton Beach.  Learn more.

Location: 209 NW 9th Court facing MLK Blvd.
Art title: “Neighborhood Vibes”  
Year: 2009
Neighborhood Vibes is a community public art project that transformed a 25' high x 100' long racquetball court wall into Graffiti Mural.  Learn more.

Location: 2300 High Ridge Road
Art title: “Celebration” 
Year:  2009
George Gadson's "In Celebration of Children and Families" offers a symbol of the Children's Services Council's commitment to our county's children.  It further stands as a reminder of the site's natural beauty and commitment to preserving the natural preserves and habitat to the east and west of the building.  George's creations complement the building's contemporary design, while paying tribute to the fabric and foundation of the community –their children and their families.


Art Title: ”The Last Pasture," "Waterhole #3" and "Eight Horses”
Location: Boynton Town Center
Year: 2009
Mark Fuller's design intent was to preserved the history of the community and enhance the Center's shopping experience. The public art sculptures, ”The Last Pasture" and "Waterhole #3”, sited in traffic circles symbolically creates an island of pasture surrounded by the unnatural man-made environment. These installations are visual metaphors of the shrinking rural environments. "Eight Horses” are colorfully painted and silver framed horse portraits by Dublin, Ireland artist Fionnuella Mary Collins, neighboring the horse sculptures and pay tribute to the site's previous residents. 

butterfly%20324%20x%20324.jpgArt Title: “Old Dixie EcoWalk”
Location: Old Dixie Hwy. side of Seabourn Cove residential community, 3501 S. Federal Hwy.
Year: 2009
Lucy Keshavarz’s “Old Dixie EcoWalk” is an eco art project that reforested a utility easement into a habitat that attracts and sustains butterfly wildlife.  Learn more.

bid red fire image eocLocation: 2080 High Ridge Road
Art title: "Big Red"
Year:  2009
"Brotherhood in Mourning" created and donated by Ray Altman, Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Division Chief depicts a firefighter sitting on a park bench while looking at a piece of steel beam, a part of the World Trade Center donated by the 9-11 Foundation. Learn more

jaycee%20324%20x%20324.jpgArt Title: “Interpretive Public Art Markers” 
Location: 2600 S. Federal Highway
Year: 2009

Through integrated public art and site interpretation planning, public artist Lucy Keshavarz and interpretive consultant Linda Emerson have created a holistic experience at Jaycee Park that educates and inspires visitors to understand estuary ecology, its direct connection to the Gulf Stream ecosystem and Boynton Beach’s rich fishing and cultural heritage.

Jaycee Park Interpretative Public Art Markers will serves as educational tool for visitors to learn the historic, present and future importance of the City’s mangrove estuaries. This project was funded with a match using City Park impact fees and a F.I.N.D., Florida Inland Navigation District grant award.

ode%20to%20Boynton%20324%20x%20324.jpgArt Title: Murals
Location: 2010 North Federal Highway (Harvey E. Oyer Park)
Year:  2010
Peter Agardy, an accomplished graffiti and public artist, was commissioned to create artwork that expresses the Harvey E. Oyer Jr. Park’s character, proximity to the Boynton Beach Inlet, City’s tag line, “Gateway to the Gulfstream,” historical connection to Boynton’s fishing community and nautical lifestyle. Learn more. 

dicks%20324%20x%20324.jpgArt Title: "On the Green"
Location: 515 N. Congress Ave
Year:  2010
Stephanie Jaffe Werner’s functional, whimsical and interactive 8’w x 4’d x 24” h sculptural artwork consists of three colorful fiberglass golf tees set into a hand cut porcelain and Smalti glass tile mosaic golf green. 

baps%20324%20x%20324.jpg Art Title:  “Man with Chisel”
Location: 541 SE 18th Ave.
Year: 2010

This sculpture is an Indian sandstone sculpted by SOMPURA artists who practice stone-work for generations; it represents one’s life for happiness, success and peace of mind. The sculpture depicts a person who is sculpting his own self out of a piece of rock.

in%20the%20beginning%20324%20x%20324.jpgArt Title: Seacrest Streetscape: In the Beginning", “The Journey”  and “The Future” 
Location: Corners of MLK Blvd. & Seacrest Blvd.
Year: 2011

On the corner of MLK and Seacrest, are three colorful laser cut aluminum gateway panels that were completed in the summer of 2011 as part of the Seacrest Streetscape project.  Learn more. 

walmart%20324%20x%20324.jpgArt Title: “The Gulfstream” 
Location: 3625 S. Federal Hwy.
Year: 2012

"The GulfStream" sculpture greets visitors entering the city of Boynton Beach from the south on US 1. Artist Frank Varga created the piece, located at the northwest corner of Gulfstream Boulevard and South Federal Highway (US 1). 

pnc%20bank%20wall%20324%20x%20324.jpgArt Title:  "Mangrove Gate”
Location: 1520 South Federal Hwy
Year: 2012

The public art green wall by Matt Rowan, Environmental Artist and Designer and Jonathan Toner Landscape Architect is an opportunity to not only add a striking and beautiful landmark to PNC bank building, but to create a thought provoking and constantly changing eco art project. Their objective was to heighten awareness of the larger environment that surrounds it.  Learn more.

emerging%20mangrove%20324%20%20x%20324.jpgArt Title: Emerging Mangrove
Location: 2626 North Federal Highway
Year: 2017

Lucy Keshavarz’s, “Emerging Mangrove” speaks to the name of the community and is inspired by its location along the Intracoastal Waterway,” said Fred Vandercook, Division President of K. Hovnanian® Homes Southeast Florida. “Like the meaning of Casa Del Mar, mangroves on our shoreline are also a very important ‘house of the sea’.”  Learn more.


cavalcade%20324%20x%20324.jpgArt Title: Cavalcade
Location: 101 S Federal Hwy.
Year: 2018

A colorful iconic 8.5 ton sculpture, titled “Cavalcade", reaches 40-feet into the sky, making it the tallest public art in the Palm Beaches. Cavalcade is a permanent Paley sculpture commissioned by the developers of 500 Ocean. Albert Paley, one of the world’s prominent metal sculptors, created this sculpture to provide a dramatic silhouette when accented against the sky. The spire-like shapes projecting into the sky engage the quality and play of sunlight and provide a dramatic contrast with the sky. The vertical elements are Albert's interpretation of palm fronds.  Although the sculpture is not kinetic, the interlaced folded metal shapes indicate movement as if they are being articulated by the air from the sea. As the sun traverses, the play of light and shade dramatically increases the sculptures dynamism. 

water you and i Art Title: "Water, You And I”  
Location: 124 E. Woolbright Rd.
Year: 2018

The haiku inscribed at the top of a public art structure at the East Water Treatment Plant is intended to symbolize the source of water and suggest the story of the 24 MGD plant: 

Water, you and I
  Sky Falling Thru Sand and Stone 
 Are You Thirsty Yet

Learn more.