"Building Up Community" - Police Station Public Art Plaza

Police Station

Police Station Grand Opening Celebration June 4, 2020

Unveiling of "Building Up Community"

Located at 2080 High Ridge Road neighboring the Fire Station #5, E.O.C. is the new City Police Headquarters. The public art purpose for this project is to, “Preserve Sanctity of Trust and Build Strong Community Relationship.”

Image of Police Station Artwork Rendering

“Building Up Community” by Krivanek+Breaux/Art +Design will be integrated into the plaza courtyard and warmly greets visitors to the Police Station entrance. The public art interacts with visitors connecting them to City policing services and improves the safety environment for ceremonial gatherings. The five, 3-form translucent blue panels etched with words, created in collaboration with police staff and the Boynton Beach community, allows for open-ended interpretations as one walks through them providing many unique viewing experiences.