Old High School Courtyard & Kapok Garden

Old High School Under Construction

Targeted completion June 2020
Eco Artist, Lucy Keshavarz, designed gardens to create a public space for gatherings and ceremonies where the public will:
• Connect the community to the historic Old High School
• Celebrate the community’s oldest Kapok Tree
• Enjoy native plants and gardens
• Benefit by the participation of community groups and public input

The Old High School Courtyard  - A 1070 sq. ft. outdoor space for gatherings and ceremonies. The bronze gated courtyard is surrounded by lush native landscaping that can be rented for private use. It has the flexibility to install a temporary tent, a retractable canopy or multiple umbrellas. The multi-purpose room connects to a courtyard with two doors provides easy access to the historic Old High School Cultural Center.

Image of Seahorse Fountain Design

Seahorse Fountain - Neighboring the courtyard will be an intimate reflecting area that features a bronze seahorse fountain sculpture by Frank Varga. Set atop a large coquina stone with smaller stones beneath, the new placement will mimic the sounds of a babbling brook and will be surrounded by a lush native garden.

Image of Kapok Park Design

Kapok Gardens The gardens, designed with multiple places for photography settings or just to relax and reflect, will consist of native plants and orchids from the internationally known Million Orchid Program. Eco-artist, Lucy Keshavarz’s design intent is to attract butterflies and wildlife while providing an educational urban native sensory garden. The garden complete with interpretative messaging and plant ID’s will feature images and words etched into pathways to connect the community with the historic Old High School Cultural Center, and the 100-year-old Kapok Tree.

100+-year_old Kapok Tree

Kapok Tree The 100-year-old + tree is one of the oldest specimens in Palm Beach County. Lush native gardens and green space will surround the tree where people can gather to relax, take photos or participate in pop-up activities.