"Synesthesia" - Interactive Art Plaza

“Synesthesia” interactive sculpture during the day

Targeted completion December 2020

On the south side of East Ocean Avenue near the open space is an interactive Public Art Plaza titled “Synesthesia” by Donald Gialanella. Synesthesia is interactive during the day with vibrant sounds and surface reflection; at night it comes alive with soothing sounds and ever-changing light.

Designed for all abilities, ages, and demographics to engage and connect, the sculpture consists of eight 10 foot tall vertical stainless steel tubes arranged in a 20-foot diameter circular array. The mirror-polished surfaces will reflect a surreal image of the surroundings including the faces of spectators. “Synesthesia” is the perfect selfie opp!

When the columns activate the proximity sensors, they emit sounds of Boynton’s coastal environment. As visitors come close to the tubes to see their faces, the tubes emit a soothing hypnotic sound. This sound element encourages people to walk from one tube to the next to listen to the variation in tones, encouraging further physical interactivity with the installation.

Viewers become part of the sculpture and bring it to life. At night the columns, each topped with an LED ring of light, are automatically activated after sundown a variety of changing colors and emit more subdued sounds.

“Synesthesia” sculpture at night