City Hall Lobby-Celebrating Boynton's Community

New public artworks in the City Hall Lobby

City Hall Lobby Art

Targeted completion date September 2020

Five curated artworks by local emerging public artists depict the City of Boynton Beach's unique location, community, diversity, and inclusivity. The artworks include; four expansive black and white photo murals by William Combes that depict Boynton's Ocean to Everglades eco systems; large painted canvases- one by Tiffany Beasi that visually emulates the tropics, another by Craig McInnis that represents the City's diversity; a painted nautical chart of Boynton's coastal landmarks by Carly Mejeur, and a 3-D Gregg's shorthand wall sculpture, titled " Creative Community" by Stacey Mandell with an accompanying painting that expresses the statement, layered in Gregg's shorthand, script, and braille.