Art at Sara Sims Park

By using graffiti art form this project showcased Boynton youth's participation in a positive outcome and contributes to the transformation and enrichment of the community.

The Graffiti Mural Project was funded by the Youth Violence Prevention Program through the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission. Several well-known graffiti artists Pater Agardy, Doug Hoekzema and John Griffin taught youth the positive aspects of "Graffiti Art" as opposed to negative and illegal "tagging." Youth enjoyed the activity of painting and contributed positively to the social capital of their community.

The project created a series of community events called "painting sessions" that began on September 26, 2009 and continued through October 15 and 29, 2009. The subject of music became the visual theme and provided social investment which is key to the Heart of Boynton redevelopment efforts. An area youth Jermaine Johnson joined the artists group adding his painting of a DJ to the mural. This project contributed to economic development and provided capital improvement for the City.