wheelchair tenis in boynton beach

ADA Resources

The City has many resources available.  Please contact the ADA Coordinator or read below for resources available.

    The Inclusion Support Team works with the City to:

    • Help establish a network of members, resources and activities available for the community.
    • Improve emergency information & communication access.
    • Assist with event planning for accessibility, assist at events, provide post event evaluation, recommendations for the future, etc.
    • Request and create new activities or programs for individuals with disabilities and/or general public but with accommodations as to include anyone interested.
    • Provide feedback and insight regarding accommodation requests and how they were addressed by the City, as needed.
    • Provide feedback on the annual update of the City of Boynton Beach ADA Transition Plan.

    City of Boynton Beach Inclusion Support Team 

    The Boynton Beach Mental Health Committee works with their community partners to promote education, awareness and access to behavioral health and support services that can enhance mental health, wellness and quality of life.  

    For immediate assistance, call 211 or visit the Boynton Beach Mental Health Committee website.