Virtual Zone Policy

Guidelines for Use

Virtual Zone Users must have a valid Boynton Beach City Library (BBCL) card and be high school students in grades 9 through 12. Permission to use the Zone by recent graduates will be considered on an individual basis upon application, by letter, to the Library Director or his designee.

All users must attend an orientation; review Zone policies; and sign a copy of the User Agreement before they can reserve time to use the Zone.

Users must register to use the Zone at the Youth Services desk using the Zone signup sheet. Normal operating times for the Zone are 3 pm to 8 pm. Exceptions to these times will be posted (including Saturdays).

Use of the Zone is limited to two hours per day. Time may be extended if no one is waiting to use the equipment. If a user requires additional time past their originally reserved time and there is space available, the user may receive additional time in 30-minute increments. A user is considered a no-show if they are 10 minutes late. Their time will be given to another user. of the Zone is limited to four hours per week.

No more than 8 people may use the room at a time.

Computers may be reserved one week in advance on a first-come, first-served basis.

By agreeing to use the Virtual Zone, users agree not to modify any hardware or software on the Zone computers.

All backpacks, totes, jackets, etc. must be placed in the lockers outside the Zone.

Food and drink are never allowed in the Virtual Zone.

Use of Equipment

BBCL does not accept responsibility if a project is destroyed, does not print correctly, or does not work.

BBCL staff reserve the right to halt, delete, or disallow the creation of items that violate BBCL policy, including creating or accessing pornography or illegal materials.

After users log off the computer, the memory will be cleared. Please be certain to save your work externally. Users must provide for their own external storage. Please consult Youth Services staff for directions.

If a user is having trouble with the equipment, he/she should contact staff at the Youth Services desk. Staff will assist users using resources to the extent that time, duties, and patron demands allow. Staff will investigate the problem but may not be able to fix the problem immediately.

When usage of the equipment/room is complete, all equipment must be placed in its original position and powered off or placed in standby mode.

BBCL is not responsible for equipment or files left behind by the user.

The Virtual Zone is a creative space. Activities should be focused on the creative process and not game playing. Games can be played on the computers in the Youth Services area.

Violation of the rules and agreements set forth in this policy will result in restricting access to the Virtual Zone and/or the Library.