Green Business Participants


(Joined: April 2019)
DRIFTWOOD, 2005 S. Federal Hwy. 
Phone: 561-733-4782 

Del Sol Bakery

(Joined: April 2019)
DEL SOL BAKERY, 1600 N Federal Hwy., Suite 15 
Phone: 561-806-6726

Get blown away at Hurricane Alley Raw Bar & Restaurant

(Joined: June 2019)
Hurricane Alley, 529 E. Ocean Ave.
Phone 561-364-4008

Benvenuto Caterestaurant

(Joined: April 2019)
BENVENUTO, 1730 N. Federal Hwy.
Phone: 561-364-0600

Anzo Mediterranean Kitchen

(Joined: May 2019)
(formerly The Chickpea), 970 N. Congress Ave. 
Phone: 561-877-8310

Bond Street Ale and Coffee

(Joined: October 2019) 
Bond Street Ale and Coffee, 1626 S. Federal Hwy.
Phone 561-877-2462