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Infiltration and Inflow Program

I & I Program Summary
The project began in January of 2007
The goal of this program is to:
• Significantly reduce Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) into the sewer system
• Restore structural integrity to the pipelines and manholes structures
• Reduce treatment and power costs by reducing excess water into the conveyance system

This effort will help to insure proper system operation. The first target area concentrated on a part of the collection system that is more than 40 years old. The location is located east of Interstate 95 along the US 1 corridor in our downtown neighborhoods. This low lying area, the age of the system and capacity needed due to the plans for re-development, make it a prime target for start of this program. We have expanded our investigation and data collection to other areas.
Through our contractor's inspection methods, we adopted the National Association of Sewer Services Companies, (NASSCO) Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP). Standard coding enables us to have our system properly evaluated objectively through a standardization of operation and maintenance observation codes and inspection forms. We received all video digitally in a standard MPEG format. Line inspection reports are viewed through a software program that allows us to view line and manhole inspection reports and link directly to the relevant video record from within the report.
Most of the data collected and repairs made have now been turned over to the Field Operations Division who will continue to work with this information on a "day to day" basis throughout the year. They will use this information and process as a wastewater asset management tool.
Utility personnel presented a technical paper at the 2008 Florida Water Resources Conference and published in the Florida Water Resources Journal in May of 2009. The link below will take you to the archives, May 2009 - "Using Today's Technology to Improve Asset Management & Collection System I & I Programs".

Florida Water Resources Journal Magazine