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Utilities Department

City of Boynton Beach Utilities Department

The City of Boynton Beach is approximately 16.1 square miles with a population of approximately 68,000.  The Utilities Department services approximately 102,000 customers.  While the City provides municipal services to its citizens within the City limits, the City’s Utilities Department also provides water and wastewater services outside the City limits.  Stormwater services are only provided within the City’s limits. 

The City of Boynton Beach, Florida (City) provides Potable Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and Reclaimed Water services through the Utilities Department.  The utility system includes:  two (2) wellfields, two (2) water treatment plants; one (1) 19.2 MGD lime softening and one (1) 8.4 MGD low pressure membrane softening plus 1.6 MGD blending], two (2) aquifer storage and recovery wells, a sewage collection and transmission system with approximately 162 wastewater lift stations, and the associated water distribution and wastewater collection piping systems, reclaimed water distribution system, stormwater swales, and a stormwater collection and disposal system.