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Activities for Teens

Students Encouraged to Apply For Citizen of the Year Award

High School seniors who reside in the City of Boynton Beach and are active in their community are eligible to apply for the “Bob Borovy Student Citizen of the Year” Award. This award was created to recognize a graduating high school senior who best epitomizes the spirit of volunteerism and giving to the community as exemplified by the late Bob Borovy, a United States Veteran and former Advisory Board on Children and Youth member who was an active citizen of the Boynton Beach community for many years. The recipient will receive a cash award and have his/her name placed on the permanent plaque at City Hall.
• Graduating high school senior
• Resident of the City of Boynton Beach (in corporate limits)
• Nominated by three adults (not related to the nominee)
• Person of good moral character
• Performed significant volunteer work and made meaningful contributions to his/her school, church, social service organizations and/or community
• Submit a 100 - 300 word essay on what he/she has learned from performing volunteer service
• Complete the appropriate application form and submit supporting documentation

Download the flyer
The application deadline is March 31, 2017. For more information, please call (561) 742-6224.

Youth Volunteer Bank

Created in 1997 by the Education and Youth Advisory Board, the purpose of the Youth Volunteer Bank is to facilitate, promote and reward youth who volunteer in our community. Since the beginning of the program, 807 youth have recorded over 60,550 volunteer hours and over $22,770 in savings bonds and prizes have been awarded. For more information, call 561-742-6224 or download Youth Volunteer Bank application (pdf icon.pdf)

Youth Empowerment Center

The Boynton Beach Youth Empowerment Center, located at the Carolyn Sims Center, 225 NW 12th Avenue, is a special place that gives area youth the opportunity to gather in a safe environment and socialize with others. In addition, a variety of programs are offered including tutoring, sports, work skills, teen talks and mentoring. The Center features a game room, computer lab and classrooms where service providers will deliver their programs, specifically targeted to youth ages 13-18. Weekly programs are offered by instructors and staff who develop relationships with teens and their families. Teens will grow physically, mentally and emotionally through a structured, goal-oriented cirriculum and scheduled classes. Classes are safe, fun and conducted in a a supportive environment. For information on hours and programs offered, call 561-742-6641.