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Public Works Department

Public Works admin office Public Works compound
Public Works department, office hours, Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
An aerial view of the Public Works compound at 222 NE 9th Ave.
Public Works  

222 NE 9th Avenue

The Public Works Department works diligently to maintain and improve our public infrastructure such as buildings, streets, sidewalks, provides solid waste and recycling collection.  The department also maintains City fleet and cemeteries.  Public Works consists of seven structured departments as seen below.


Administration Division provides the administrative support to Supervisors and co-workers throughout the Public Works Department.  The Department is responsible for all financial processing including budget preparation. 

Engineering Division performs capital project oversight including design and construction and is also responsible for the technical review of all private development in the City. For general Engineering assistance and information, call (561) 742-6980.

Facilities Management Division provides building maintenance and custodial services for City facilities.

Fleet Maintenance Division maintains and repairs the City fleet. 

Parks & Grounds Division provides maintenance of all City parks, outside maintenance of City facilities along with the City medians and right-of-ways.  This division also provides oversight, maintenance of City cemeteries.

Solid Waste Division provides curbside collection of garbage, bulk trash, vegetation, and recycling collections and commercial refuse collection service for all our City residents and commercial customers.

Streets Maintenance Division maintains our City's sidewalks, streets, street signage, and street lighting.

For additional assistance and information, contact the Public Works Department at (561) 742-6200 Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM or visit us at the Public Works Complex, 222 N.E. 9th Avenue.