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Harvey E. Oyer Park Public Art Murals

 2010 North Federal Highway

Gateway to the Gulfstream mural detailPeter Agardy, an accomplished graffiti and public artist, was selected by the Art in Public Places Program process. As part of the Park improvements he was commissioned to create artwork that expresses the Boat Club Park’s character, proximity to the Boynton Beach Inlet, City’s tag line, “Gateway to the Gulfstream,” historical connection to Boynton’s fishing community and nautical lifestyle.

Gateway to the Gulfstream muralThe mural on the retaining wall that greets you as you drive towards the boat ramp depicts the ocean, it’s importance and relationship to the community. Peter’s visual concept is represented in his words:

“When approaching this wall as a canvas, I consider the Ocean, and what it brings to the community in so many ways. Incorporating things such as marine wildlife; Fish, Sea Turtles, coral reef and birds perhaps a little twist on the classic underwater scene I would add abstract elements to give the mural a ‘painterly touch’ as I do in a lot of my work. With the tag line being ‘The gateway to the Gulfstream.’ I want to portray this fact in the mural. 

Staring at the left we have a shallow water habitat  with a Snook chasing baitfish in the sardine family. Then we transfer into a dip in the water line to reveal the Boynton Inlet’s North Jetty with fishermen on it , and a brown pelican diving into a school of Sardines. The sardines make their way offshore to our reefs so frequented by divers and wildlife such as Sea turtles, Jellyfish and small tropical fishes shown to the right of the pelican.  Next comes the transition between our calmer near-shore waters to our deep blue, and into the Gulfstream as we find it inundated with Sargassum weed serving as a nursery to offshore species and larger predators such as the Bull Dolphin pictured on the far right. Abstract shapes in the foreground and background show the ever flowing movement of the Gulfstream current pulling off the reefs northward  driving the sargassum with it.”

Ode to Boynton muralThe second featured mural which is installed on the wall in the boat ramp round-about pays homage to Boynton’s historic fishing community and today’s conservation focus of the tag and release sailfish practices.

Again Peter’s concept for this mural:

“Having grown up almost on the water throughout Palm Beach County, I am a true native to Boynton Beach, born at Bethesda Hospital in 1984, I have been fishing, diving and surfing the waters off our coast for as long as I can remember and have used the ramp to launch our boat many times throughout mine and the park’s history. I believe the park to be a true staple part of my life, as it is the entry point for which all of the pleasures our beautiful coast can offer me and the members of our community.

Painting and completing the Public art Project in Boat Club Park was when I realized how significant the mural is to the community. Nothing but praise and compliments on the wall were given during its creation. The recreational boating, fishing and diving communities all seemed to be thrilled that not only the park was getting a facelift, but that the city was installing a mural for the public’s pleasure of viewing, almost hyping them up before they entered the waters!

I couldn’t help but notice the other wall that lies on the edge of the circle directly in front of the new bathroom entrance, almost as if it were made for a mural also! I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to be able to extend the Public art project onto that wall as well. I actually had many people come up and ask if I was painting that wall next! I feel that by painting another mural on that wall, it would really complete the look of the renovation, while serving as another beautiful way to get people exited about what this wonderful city has to offer.

Ode to Boynton mural close upFor this wall I created an “Ode to Old Boynton” highlighting the History of Boynton’s fishing community, and how it directly relates to the conservation practices on the fisheries we enforce today, focusing more specifically on the cherished ‘sailfish’ which is of course, part of Boynton Beach’s logo, and history! I wanted the mural to start out looking like an old Fishing photo from the docks of old Boynton with the Captain’s standing by their catch, perhaps in a rich looking sepia tone or black and white/brownish and worn around the edges, then transition into someone fighting a sailfish in the same type of look, old photo style. The mural then transitions into the modern view on things, with a release of the fish, and it swimming away free in full vibrant colors. The ending of this mural looks as if it was flowing right into the existing mural I completed first.”

Peter is an accomplished graffiti and public artist.  He lead a graffiti artist team to create and complete the “Neighborhood Vibes’ graffiti mural in Sarah Sims Park, Boynton Beach.  Peter’s has displayed his artwork in galleries and participate in the 2010 and 2011 Graffiti Murals at Art Basel, Miami.