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Fire Station #5 - Emergency Operations Center

2080 High Ridge Road, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426 (Just south of Gateway Boulevard and just west of I-95)

Fire Station #5 logoThe Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Station #5 and Emergency Operations Center facility stands as the first building in the City's history to be hardened to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. The modern construction of this multi-functional facility takes firefighting and City operations to a new level. The public art displayed in the building exists to depict the heritage and character of the fire service throughout the City's history leading up to today's modern, comprehensive level of fire rescue and emergency preparedness operations. The public art elements provide visual references of historical timelines to the viewer, and when translated by artists as seen here, communicate portals to our City's past. 

Brotherhood in Mourning"Brotherhood in Mourning" created and donated by Ray Altman, Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Division Chief

The second floor administration lobby showcases this memorial sculpture depicting a firefighter sitting on a park bench while looking at a piece of steel beam, once part of the World Trade Center. Notice the face of the firefighter, sculpted to represent the face of the brotherhood of all firefighters who still mourn the loss of so many of their own. The shield of the firefighter's helmet mirrors the maze of steel beams which dressed the landscape of Ground Zero.  The number 343, intentionally cut out of the helmet's shield, represents the 343 fallen firefighters who sacrificed their lives on September 11, 2001. The relevance of every firefighter's helmet "shield" is that it represents "protection" and "safety." The 343 has been cut away, or "lost" in this firefighter's shield in memory of our fallen brothers, "We shall never forget."  The sculpture is 3' x 5' x 4' and is made of steel masonry nails colored in lacquer and clear coated in urethane paints. 9-11 Foundation The section of steel beam from the World Trade Center in the firefighter's hands in this sculpture was graciously donated by the 9-11 Foundation, an organization dedicated to honoring the firefighters, police officers and other first responders who were lost in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The foundation helps to memorialize the fallen through the creation of public artworks such as this.

Big Red mural"Big Red" by Dana Donaty is a timeline that illustrates the Boynton Beach Fire Department at the intersection of tradition and progress. The artist researched images of firefighting from its beginning and historical images of the earliest days of firefighting in Boynton Beach. Those images were blended into a continuous scene depicting the evolution of firefighting. The 19' x 4.5' mural was painted on canvas and installed on the lobby wall. This historical theme continues throughout the lobby as seen through the historical window images above the main entrance and among the pieces of memorabilia, old and new, in the lobby display case. Historical pieces in the case include two of Chief Tuite's fire helmets and badges, vintage fire nozzles, a vintage lantern, circa 1920's, vintage fire extinguishers and a vintage first aid kit.

Nozzle sconceFD Nozzle Sconces by Jeff  Halverson. Two unique lighting sconces, created and fabricated from antique firefighting nozzles and steamer plates, grace the entry way doors in the Fire Station #5 main lobby. They serve to remind us of history and the vast changes in fire rescue equipment now and in the future.

historical imageHistorical images welcome visitors into the main lobby entrance. Travel through the history of Boynton Beach Fire Rescue as captured in these photographic reproductions.  The window pieces were hand selected from the City's fire department and historical department archives. As visitors face the front doors (from inside the lobby, left to right) the images of the Boynton Beach Fire Department are depicted through the years 1926 - 1960's. The first image features our first Fire Chief, Charles Senior (wearing white class "A" cap, first in line kneeling) and the first volunteers along with a 1910 American La France engine. As you view the windows further, the same engine can be seen in the 1950's images parked on the apron at Boynton's Central Fire Station, once located on Federal Highway just north of Boynton Beach Boulevard. Our FD mascot "Cappy" is also featured riding high on Engine 5. The sixth and final image features Walter Madsen, Al Edwards and our fifth Fire Chief, John "Jack" Tuite. Note the Royal Castle Hamburger stand in the background.

City logo tile mosaicMosaic Floor Emblems by Jeff Halverson were created and handcrafted for the Fire Station #5 main lobby floor.  For each seven foot mosaic, the artist designed patterns from the City of Boynton Beach and Boynton Beach Fire Rescue logos he then hand cut each individual one-inch tile piece out of the larger tiles that make up the lobby floor. Once they were placed into the pattern, they collectively created the emblem mosaics.